Friday, August 06, 2010

Missing month

Where exactly did July go? Five weekends and four of them were spent away from home. Planting, swimming, playgrounds, camping, wedding, and lots of time in the car.

The fullness of the first two weeks was expected. Heather had a week of “vacation” from daycare (is it really a vacation when you are taking a break from playing at one place to spend time playing elsewhere?). The weekend before was our annual family camping trip. The weekend after was a trip to DC and Maryland to attend a wedding and visit friends. In between was 3 days of fun with Daddy (I was home for one day, when we went to see Toy Story 3).

Once the whirlwind of travel was over, I was expecting quite a few weeks of no plans. Regular work days, hurrying to do something outside after work and/or having a quick dinner, plus weekends of outdoor play and swimming. Unfortunately, my grandmother’s health began to fail, and Todd and I jumped in the car on Thursday night after work. We spent the weekend in Ohio and then returned the following weekend for my grandmother’s funeral.

In my head, I have things to write about her and about my other grandmother who we lost last spring.

The weeks in between were spent trying hard not to fall too far behind with chores, laundry, dishes, etc, while also trying to enjoy as much outdoor time as our schedule allows. There was a little knitting, too, especially on the DC and Ohio trips when I didn’t have to drive. J

And somewhere in there we whooshed past my five year blogiversary. I had expected to write a wordy post, but instead I spent that day in the car.

I just wanted to say *something* here. Maybe there is hope to return regular blogging to my routine.