Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Recap 2

Children's Museum

The next weekend my parents came to visit, and we decided to take the opportunity to visit the Children's Museum. It was a big hit with all of us. We started upstairs in the waterplay area.

Playing in the water pipe area.

Putting water from the pond into the watermill.
Putting water from the pond into another cup. (Despite her serious look, she was having a great time. She was just concentrating hard!)

Looking for the next toy to play with. She tried out a number of different boats and would have been happy with more sailboats.

When we moved down to the infant/toddler play floor Heather enjoyed the trains.
And she liked watching the fishes like she does at school.

It was a lovely day at the museum capped off by lunch and a quick visit with The Boss' mommy in the art studio where she was teaching knitting.

Meeting Karla

Last weekend, we finally got to do what we've been waiting to do for a long time. We got to have our first playdate and dinner with Karla! The girls were a little wary at first, but after some play time with the parents and a yummy dinner, it was time for some dancing!

And then it was time to play with Play-doh.


We haven't had a ton of snow yet, but there has been a little here and there. Enough to break our Heather's new winter coat and order her a snowsuit (not pictured) which is a little big but will keep her nice a warm when we go out to play in the snow to burn off toddler energy.


This weekend we had a nice Thanksgiving and mini-vacation. After watching some of the Macy's parade, we headed to R's parents' house for Thanksgiving. The house was more full of canines than usual since SIL and BIL both brought their young chihuahuas and SIL brought her terrier, too. The smaller chihuahua crawled on Heather's lap and made her giggle.

Friday we enjoyed a slow morning and Heather took a long nap, so I worked on cleaning up the house. Despite Heather's short nap on Saturday, I manged to get enough done that R could put the tree up that evening.

Today we attended little EJ's first birthday party. It was a lovely fiesta, although it took Heather a little while to understand that those newly unwrapped presents weren't hers. :-)

November Recap 1

I'm taking a break from the pre-decorating house cleaning to recap some of the fun we had this past month. I'm not sure what is making the time get away from me so much, although I have been posting past pictures to flickr and checking out facebook, so maybe that explains it.

Maine Wedding and New England trip

We took our first plane flight with Heather up to Boston and then drove up to Maine for the wedding of a special friend who I've known since kindergarten. Heather loved the plane rides and did really well considering that most of her naps were during long car rides from place to place. (She refused to nap on the plane because it was just too interesting.)

Heather got to wear her Halloween costume to the rehearsal dinner.

The view from our hotel room.

The wedding was lovely. Daddy and mommy chose a seat at the back of the crowd and each took a turn letting Heather stretch her legs. She did well but didn't really understand why we needed to stay seated.

Between the ceremony and the reception, the wedding party went to the beach for group pictures, so our family took the opportunity to walk on the sand. Yes, the sand was cold. But the breeze was mild and the sun was out.

Beautiful shawls made by the bride herself.

The flower girls thought that Heather was adorable. Who can blame them?

Once she finished eating, all Heather wanted to do was dance!

Happy ladies!

The next day we traveled to visit friends in western Massachusetts. We didn't take too many pictures while we were visiting, but we did get one with Keeno the bunny.

Before heading back to Boston to fly home, I got a little over an hour to shop at mecca...

While mommy was shopping, Heather and daddy were browsing at a toy store. Cookie Monster came home with them since fire trucks aren't very cuddly.

Waiting to fly home...

The following week had two notable occurances. First, R and Heather and I went to my first pre-natal appointment. :-) That's right. Heather will be a big sister in May 2009. We're just at the end of the first trimester, and other than being tired mommy is feeling well.

Also, I went to a baby shower for a friend. She's due in december and I was delighted by how much she liked the baby sweater, bib and washcloth I made for her little one. :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dancing Fools

One of the poor quality cell phone videos I took on saturday of Heather and Karla dancing.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11 minutes

It's kinda sad how long I've been meaning to post and I haven't gotten to it for various reasons - being tired, working on my flickr uploads, finding my missing needles and yarn, labeling Heather's new winter coat, boots and shoes among other things. That, and being overwhelmed about how much I want to post and haven't gotten to.

I really need to go to bed at 10, so when I started I had 11 minutes to write this...and now I have 8. :-)

A few tidbits:
- Anytime Heather sees cheese in any form, she says "Mac'n' cheese?" Macaroni and Cheese used to be called "Cheese", so I guess she's evolved.
- Heather and I went to target tonight and see really seemed to enjoy trying on shoes. I think daddy is worried.
- Heather loves the garbage truck. On monday we were lucky enough to see it twice. Once from the front window and once from the back window. We couldn't do anything until it was out of view. Every truck is now a garbage truck.
- Her current favorite book is a Moose book that she calls the "soose" book. But once we say Moose, she says it with an "M".

two minutes...

As I mentioned earlier, I lost some yarn and needles in the house. I've been looking for it since Saturday and finally found it last night. Progress is finally being made again on the toddler sweater that's been sitting for a while.

Before I found the yarn and needles I got bored on the bus with my socks and started using the sock yarn to make an iPod cozy.

Time up! more soon...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Toddler Ticket

During our many hours in the car while visiting Maine and Massachusetts this weekend we had only an AM/FM radio to listen to (*gasp*) and were forced to listen to many political ads when we tired of scanning the stations for more music.

Our conversations and Heather's responses to the ads convinced us that there would be an ideal ticket to run if a party wanted to attract the toddler vote.

Heather smiles everytime she says "bama" and "nunu". Politically, an Obama/Sununu ticket is probably unthinkable, but it would certainly make for some adorable political ads. (I don't know that it would sway any voters, but it would certainly make members of both parties smile.)

I was hoping to do a long weekend wrap-up tonight, but after doing some catching up and picture proofing, it is already almost 10pm and I'm tired. I will try to get to it soon while everything is fresh in my mind, but it is going to be a busy week at work, so I'm not making any promising.