Thursday, June 28, 2007


Finally, the images I sent from my phone showed up in my email inbox.

First, a photo from lunch on Monday. Not a bad shot given that we were inside a Cracker Barrel.
You can't see the colors very well. But here, finally, is a picture of my Dulaan contribution for 2007. (Don't worry, I didn't ship Heather off with the hats and mittens. :-)

Focused on Harry

I'm feeling the way I did the first time I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I don't want to put it down. The first time I read it was when R and I were in St. Lucia for our 2nd Anniversary. There were several times (and I think one whole afternoon), when I stayed on my beach chair to read while R enjoyed the water. Although, actually, I don't think the reading prevented me from going out in the water...but it probably meant that I got less knitting done on that trip than I would have otherwise. (That, and the fact that I brought wool projects with me - what was I thinking bringing wool yarn to the carribbean?!?)

Anyway, this time around, I obviously can't sit for hours on end and read. But I am using every available opportunity to read a few more pages. On the bus. While Heather eats. While pumping (kind of annoying, but possible). And before bed while letting the fan me off enough that I can fall asleep.

I was torn this morning when I missed the express bus. I was sad that I will have to stay a little later and miss the express bus home...but happy when I realized that I'd get some extra reading time in.

And, I saw a trailer for HP5 last night while watching my DVR recording of Ugly Betty from last week. I backed up and watched it in slow motion. There were several locations that I couldn't specifically map to scenes in my brain - so I think the designers on this movie have a very different interpretation of the inside of the Ministry of Magic than what J.K. Rowling's descriptions put in my brain. (Not a complaint, just an observation)

I was happy to see that Fred and George's exit from school appears to be in the movie, but I got the impression that Umbridge's exit might be different. I was also happy to see that Lupin will definitely be in this one (other than being a member of the Order, he doesn't have a pivotal role in the book).

I also realized as I was watching the trailer that even though the movies have had some affect on the "movie" that plays in my head as I read, that the original characters I envisioned are still mostly intact. Especially Harry. I can't describe it exactly. The Harry in my brain is similar to Daniel Radcliffe...but still somehow different. In fact, the location that I have the most trouble with is Hagrid's house. It is smaller and simpler in the movies than in the book, and I have trouble resolving that sometimes while reading because I picture the house from the movies.

Okay. Enough rambling for now.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Foggy and Fried

A list, because that's all I can handle.

1 - I've had a few blog posts floating around in my head, but I've lacked the concentration to actually commit them onto the screen.

2 - My Dulaan box is finally in the mail. The picture I wanted to post last week was of my 10 knitted items and Heather. The photos never arrived in my inbox. I've tried sending one of them again, and R has moved the photos from my phone to the hopefully you'll see it before too long.

3 - I don't think there is going to be much knitting content here for a bit. It's too hot to work on my pair of wool socks. Also, I have three friends who are pregnant, I know of two who are trying and three are in the process of adopting. And I believe that all of them read this blog. :-) So there will be no photos of any baby knitting until presents have been given. Which is too bad because I've nearly finished the first item...but you will all have to wait a bit. (It is possible that I will knit something for Heather in between all of these presents, and if I do you'll definitely see it!)

4 - It would be nice if people would read. I sent an email to a sales rep - letting her know that I would be in the office all day, but that I generally step away from my desk at 10, 1 and 4 for about 20 minutes. She replied a few minutes later that she'd be here at 1pm sharp to see me. Yes, you read that right. Clearly she didn't.

5 - We visited family and friends in Ohio over the weekend. It was lovely to see everybody and everyone who came to my shower was very generous

6 - Heather has slept through the night for the past three nights. Although the last two she has been very difficult, and impossible to get into her crib before 11 or 11:30. When you consider that my alarm goes off at 5:45, you quickly realize that I'm not getting caught up on sleep. So I continue to feel like I'm operating in a fog, just like I have for the past few weeks. When I see friends, I know I have things to ask them...but the questions escape me. And I just really feel like I'm awful at making conversation right now. Hopefully Heather has surpassed her need to wake up and practice rolling overnight, and somehow I can catch up on sleep enough to feel human again.

7 - It's hot and humid. And it isn't cooling off much overnight. It's so hot I didn't even consider that I needed to bring an extra layer to work with me to counteract the A/C at work.

8 - I feel like it's been too long since I've been in touch with my friends and I owe email to a number of people.

9 - I started Harry Potter #6 last weekend for my second reading. It is a sadder read this time, knowing how it is going to end.

10 - I'm anxious for the Harry Potter movie coming out next month. R and I plan to ask someone to babysit. It will be our second "date" since Heather's birth. :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I wanted to try a little experiment. I used my phone last night to take a few photos that I would like to post to the blog. This way, I can send them to my email account and post them whenever I have a few free minutes at work instead of trying to squeeze the blog posting in at home in the evening. Since the main reason to post is for the pictures, and not a ton of text, it should only take a few minutes while I inhale my lunch or a mid-morning snack.

So when I grabbed my yogurt, I thought I'd take a quick mental break and post my pictures. Well, my yogurt is eaten and I'm still waiting for the photos to show up in my inbox.

*tap, tap, tap*

I guess if they show up by lunchtime you'll get to see them today.

P.S. For anyone who is going to scold me and tell me I should be doing this at home in the evening...I'll just let you know that I've barely had time to eat dinner and go to the bathroom in the evening, and when I do get more time than that there are dishes and laundry to be done. And, if I could get Heather to bed before 10:30, I would be going to bed earlier, too...cause I'm POOPED!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I realize that there are a couple of improvements in my life that I haven't written about yet. The more recent, is my freedom from motrin. I haven't taken any in several days. I'm not totally pain free, but I only feel significant twinges now and then. And this is the news even though I've mostly been too busy to stretch over the past week. I was noticably sore after my day long marathon of meetings in Bradford, PA on Monday, but I think (hope) this painful post-partum chapter is over.

The other bit of freedom is my diet. I've slowly added back into my diet the foods that I thought might be bothering Heather early on. Nothing seems to be bothering her anymore, so I'm no longer factoring that into my diet. I even had my first glass of wine a couple of weeks ago. The ability to order whatever I want to eat, and not have to consider my nausea, the baby inside me or Heather's stomach is quite the weight that has been lifted!

It's been a busy week. My trip for work went well, but I don't think it helped my supply any to go longer stretches without pumping or pump so irregularly. But I managed to pump some extra today (and plan to tomorrow), and I'm sure that will get me back on track.

It's possible that I've stated this before, but it bears repeating. The fact that I'm still nursing makes being back at work harder. There is the obvious time needed for pumping, but it is also the fact that I nurse her before I leave and want to get home in time to nurse her for her fifth feeding of the day (assuming she eats all three bottles at daycare). So whenever I need to go in late (like Friday because of Heather's pediatrician appointment), I still want to leave on time and then I have hours to make up. Not that I want to go to work on the weekend... Luckily, at the moment, I have some reading I can do at home, but this isn't always the case. I'm not trying to complain, really. I'm glad that I'm still able to breastfeed Heather. It's just one more layer of stress and trying to keep everyone happy. :-)

Lastly, about Heather's 4 month appointment. Everything looked good. She weighed in at 12 lb, 14 oz and her length is 24", with 40 cm head circumference. Her weight is 25th percentile and her height is 35th percentile. She seems to have met all of the milestones that he was concerned about. And he recommended waiting on starting cereal and solids until 6 months. She doesn't need the extra food, especially since she is still pretty small. Frankly, I'm relieved. I really don't want to add anything else to our plates right now. :-)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let me add...

I'm still totally aware of how lucky we are. One week of bad sleep after 2 months of good, nearly normal sleep isn't bad at all in the world of having an infant. And keeping up with other moms, we're equally (or more) lucky that we haven't had to deal with reflux or colic or ear infections, etc.

I have a little more perspective this afternoon. It seems that a work problem was causing me more anxiety than I realized, and not only worsened my mood but was also probably the reason I slept so poorly last night while Heather was sleeping. That issue has been resolved and the world is less gloomy. :-)

Yes, I'm still here

...but I'm not in a very good mood.

The past week has involved:
- Getting up extra early for work related reasons
- Getting to bed late for work related reasons
- Not being able to sleep well for no clear reason
- Heather waking up over night - sometimes to eat and sometimes for unclear reasons that may or may not include being congested, being hot, wanting to practice rolling over, wanting to be with us to make up for time in daycare, being on a wacky sleep schedule because of her first week in daycare

I'd say I've been averaging about 5 hours a night, and I have too much to do at work to consider taking a day off.

I don't want to be a depressing blogger, so I'm probably going to stay away until I get some more sleep and my mood improves. The good news is that my leg continues to feel better, Heather has been very smiley and happy lately (when she's not crying at 3am) and my Dulaan items are done and ready to be shipped.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lost a room, gained a room

The storage room I was using for pumping was a gift from the building owners when the storage room that we rent had some flooding. I guess our rented storage room is okay now, because the building owners took the free room away as of this morning.

So I went home last night assuming I was going to have to pump in our non-locking interior finish library today.

The building manager came to my rescue and is allowing me to use a small unrented office where she has some desks and chairs stored. The nice thing is that I get to hang onto the key full time since this isn't a room anyone else in our office uses (at least until my coworker comes back from maternity leave).


I haven't really mentioned the fact that Heather started at daycare on Monday. She seems to be doing fine, and even though Monday seemed like an EXTREMELY long day to me, I'm doing fine now, too. :-) It's hard not talking to her teachers on a daily basis, but R and I have come up with a few strategies that will allow me to get there from time to time. And I totally trust him to let me know what's going on...but it's just a bit difficult not being part of the process myself.


And on one more random note, my leg pain seems to be improving. I skipped the motrin yesterday morning before my doctor's appointment, and I was surprised at how good my leg felt. It's still not totally back to normal, but there seems to be some definite improvement, despite the fact that no one really knows what is causing the pain. ;-) My uneducated guess is that my attempts to undo the turmoil that was causing my back pain from the pregnancy changed my spine/posture/walk/muscles too drastically and too quickly, which through something else out of whack. Hopefully once this pain issue is resolved I will have my body back (with the exception of my boobs, of course)!

We have rollover!

I never knew that a baby rolling from her tummy to her back would make me so happy. :-)

She's clearly been trying to roll over while on her back, but she just doesn't have the momentum for it yet. So I decided to put her on her tummy last night and within 10 minutes she rolled over. And, smart girl, she waited until her daddy was in the room so we both got to see it!

She did it a second time, so we got the video camera out and got the third and fourth rolls on tape. ;-)

Monday, June 04, 2007

My First Meme

As far as I know, I've never been tagged for a meme Lisa is the first. (Lucky for her that I am finally caught up on my blog reading, at least for those people that I know IRL.)

So, seven interesting things about me. I know I have readers who have known me for decades and some that have only known me for a couple of years. I'll try to make this interesting for most of you.

1 - I grew up an avid reader. I remember frequent visits to the library, especially over the summer, and bring home stacks of books to read. Every time I signed up for a "frequent reader" program I'd always need multiple forms to write down all the titles I read. I remember having multiple books in progress at once when I was in high school. And then I went to college. There was no time to read during the semester and too much that I *had* to read that I didn't really want to read when I had free time anyway. Since college I've only felt like an avid reader again a couple of times. One was while I was in Spain and had tons of time on my hands (and missed English) and I also noticed it while reading the Harry Potter books and Wicked. I think it's a combination of not knowing what to read and not wanting reading to cut into my knitting time. :-)

2 - I play the cello. I haven't played a lot since I graduated from high school, unfortunately. But before that I played *a lot*. Barely a day went by that I didn't have a rehearsal, a private lesson or take the time to practice. Despite my abilities I never felt like professional musician material, although I am (or was) a great asset to an orchestra's cello section. I didn't have an orchestra to play with in college and haven't played a lot since. I've pulled the cello out from time to time for a little practice. I'd love to play with an orchestra again someday. The group effort was one of the best parts about playing music for me.

3 - You all may or may not believe it, but I'm impatient. I think I'm pretty good at hiding it and/or holding myself back and not allowing my impatient tendencies to show themselves. And there are certainly efforts in which I have quite a bit of patience - taking care of Heather, teaching someone else a skill, painting. But as soon as there is a deadline hanging over my head or any kind of time limit, I have little patience for someone doing something slower than I would do it. I also have a few strong internal desire to finish people's sentences when they are speaking slowly. When I was a tour guide in college, I really had to fight to keep from finishing my partners statements.

4 - I love show tunes. I'm not going to try to hide it. I know many people think my love is strange or undesirable...but it is what it is. It stems from my love of theater and it is the music that makes me melt. Most of my favorite songs are from shows I've seen, although there are certainly exceptions. In pretty much every case I at least know the story even if I haven't seen the show. Understanding the story is the key to the beauty of the music, in my opinion. I can listen to slower songs while I exercise because I know the story behind them and they give a little extra oomph to my step.

Hmmm...this is harder than I thought...

5 - I studied abroad in Spain for a semester in college. I couldn't find a group to go with, so I sort of made my own program through SUNY Albany. Through them I was able to enroll at UPV in Valencia and take architecture classes. I was the only person I knew at the time to go to a foreign country totally alone. It was completely scary and one of the hardest things I've ever done. It was also one of the best and biggest character-building things I've ever done. Because I did it I know I can do anything I set my mind to. I had a little breakdown when I had been there for a couple of months without meeting any other American students. But after a coupling of outings with my new found friends from Oklahoma and finding a couple of students from my university (that no one told me were there), I was just fine.

6 - I have packrat in my blood, but I love getting rid of things. I understand the great feeling of relief that comes from releasing things that you don't need, but I also have the desire to "be prepared" for anything. I hate getting rid of things that could be useful in the future or that I could fix to suit my needs. But I'm slowly realizing that I just don't have the time to do everything I "could" do and I need to start letting go of more stuff.

What can I say? I am a strange and complex creature. :-) My husband makes fun of how full my room is and yet he has a quarter of the guest room taken up with his "archives".

7 - I dislike coupons. I know this may seem silly. I understand the value of coupons and the benefits, but I really just see them as time. On a regular basis, I'm not willing to spend time in order to save money. I love saving money when I buy things on sale, but I won't go to three different stores to find what I want at the best price. (I might consider making a few phone calls, but that's about it). When I buy things on sale, it is because the store I visited when I needed something happened to have the item marked down. If I use a coupon, it's because I happen to have it in my purse and I remember to use it. (For example, I've used a few diaper coupons recently because they fell out of diaper packages and I remembered to stick them in my purse and redeem them). Unless I get really bored or really strapped for cash at some point in the future (maybe in retirement?), I don't ever see myself cutting coupons from the Sunday paper. I also really like shopping at Whole Foods - I feel like I get good value for our money and good quality food. And I'm not going to give up that quality in order to save money on our grocery bill.

That was harder than I thought, but it was a nice break between tasks today...since Heather's first day at daycare went very slowly for me!

Let's see - I tag Amanda, Annie, Jen, Cara, Melissa, Katie F and Katie L to do this next! (I'll add the links later)