Thursday, June 28, 2007


Finally, the images I sent from my phone showed up in my email inbox.

First, a photo from lunch on Monday. Not a bad shot given that we were inside a Cracker Barrel.
You can't see the colors very well. But here, finally, is a picture of my Dulaan contribution for 2007. (Don't worry, I didn't ship Heather off with the hats and mittens. :-)


cara said...

oh my gosh, she's getting so big! i can see her little personality in those photos :)

Melissa & Jon said...

I'm so glad you didn't ship Heather out with your Dulaan knitting, although she does look mighty cute modeling with your finished goods. HOW do these kids get cuter and cuter?!?! It's too much!

Anna said...

Oh no, if Heather is to be sent anywhere, it should be to ME.