Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sleep V2.0

I was looking back at old posts to get Heather's past weight statistics and I ran across this post. Ha!

How things change. This time, we're making relatively rare efforts to put Todd to sleep in his crib and just "getting through" all the waking up and overnight nursing sessions. It's probably a combination of feeling like he can't possibly sleep with us forever, knowing that he's doing more reverse cycling than she ever did, and being so much more tired that I can't even fathom having to get out of bed multiple times a night. And I'm sure if you would have told me back then that it would be possible to function at work on less sleep I would have thought you were crazy...but you can push your body to do a lot of things.

I think we're in one of those "not ideal but not so awful that we're trying to change things" stages of baby sleep. Todd's also lucky that I'm even more laid back then I was the first time around. :-)

Nap schedule, what nap schedule?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Kid stuff

Before we get to the "new year" post or try to wrap up our holidays, I want to document some facts about the kids right now. Some random and some more milestone oriented.

1 - No matter how many times we tell Heather they are called 'Smurfs', she says 'snurfs'. :-)

2 - I know that some kids have things they pretend a lot. Some kids turn every thing into a train. Some kids turn everything into a truck. Some kids are all about their kitchens. Heather likes all these things, but I've noticed lately that the focus of her pretending is on family. If she's got two dragons, one is the mother and one is the baby. The mother takes the baby to the doctor for a check-up. Her baby dolls get fed and get their diapers changed. Her penguin gets fed in his high chair. Even her food is prone to becoming the mommy, daddy and baby apple slices, noodles, french fries, etc. I suppose if imitation is the highest form of flattery, then R and I should be extremely flattered.

3 - Todd still sleeps better on us or between us than anywhere else. And we're too tired to force him into his crib. He doesn't hate his crib and near the end of our vacation he took a 55 minute nap in we will continue trying to help him sleep in there. But I don't find it worth it to spend 2 hours trying to get him to sleep in there when one of us is usually happy to have a good excuse to spend that time on the couch watching TV. :-) And I got a pikkolo carrier for Christmas partially with the intention of being able to wear him when we both have too much to do to hold him. He has yet to fall asleep on my back, but he has put his head down a few times.

(Update since I started this on Tuesday: He slept in his crib for 2 1/2 hours at the beginning of the night. There is hope...)

4 - Heather has rejected the booster seat in most circumstances. At home she's now kneeling on a regular chair and drinking from a small, regular cup. She will still (usually) wear a bib, but as she is finally...usually...getting good about using utensils, we may be nearing the end of the bib era as well.

Have I mentioned that she'll be 3 one month from tomorrow? 8-|

5 - Todd continues to be a very easy going little man. I don't even feel like we need to use signs with him because he really only gets upset when he's hungry or tired or wants attention. There is very little random crying and crankiness. His "even keel" personality is very much in contrast to his sister's. It will be interesting to see how this translates in toddlerhood. I'm not going to fool myself into thinking he'll never have a tantrum, but I'm curious if the roller coaster ride won't be quite as extreme. Only time will tell. I'm certainly thankful for a baby that can be put down for a few minutes when dealing with a dramatic Heather outburst.

6 - Todd is also just beginning to show signs of wanting to GO. He's had the ability to roll for months, but he doesn't do it much. He's been able to sit up for a couple of months and likes to be held to stand, but as long as he has a toy or a person nearby for entertainment, he hasn't been acting like he longs to explore they way that Heather did. But the past few days he has starting rolling and stretching for things. He can now lean all the way over and stretch to reach something from a sitting position, *and* get himself up in a sitting position again. At the end of december, that maneuver left him on his belly with one or both feet awkwardly folded under his belly. I'm not sure that crawling is upon is, but I think that once he decides to do it he'll just go.

7 - The switch to the big girl bed has gone pretty well for Heather. Bedtime and staying asleep isn't any more difficult than it was before the switch. We're still dealing with some stalling and sporadic wakings...but then some nights things go pretty smoothly and she doesn't wake at all, so I think it is more of a developmental and residual holiday issue than anything.

8 - It's not really clear how much he's eating, but Todd seems to enjoy putting food in his mouth and playing with the food on his tray. It sounds like he might be eating off a spoon for his daycare teachers, so I suppose we should try that again if we ever want applesauce and yogurt to be viable options that don't require a wardrobe change. He's growing fine and I'm getting to eat my meals while they are hot, so I'm not worried. ;-) You know, with you second kid, you don't worry so much!

9 - We've had some nice snow so far this winter. One December day involved all four of us in the backyard. Although the hand-me-down snowsuit we got for Todd is really too small, so I'm not sure if we'll try to get him something else or just leave the snow diving to Heather. Yet again, I realize that I should have a pair of snow pants. Must get them before next winter.

10 - We're beginning to make plans for both birthday parties. Heather is entering that age where we start to talk about inviting friends from daycare. And Todd's birthday is in that late part of spring where we have to decide if we're willing to take the risk of having an outdoor party.

If I wasn't so tired, I could probably think of some more...but this will have to do for today. Have a nice weekend!