Friday, August 12, 2011

New Social Media Strategy

Things in the online world are constantly changing and evolving, just as many other things change and evolve in our "real lives".

When I started this blog I purposefully didn't make the name about knitting because I knew I wanted to post about a variety of things and not just my fibery life. While there will always be some overlap, I find that I want to separate my new knitting/crochet/teaching adventures and freelance work from my personal expressions online. My reason for using this blog and using facebook is about staying connected with friends and family, and about sharing personal thoughts and stories to keep in touch. And in some ways, it has become the closest thing to a baby book or journal that I have about the kids as they grow.

On the other hand, I have been using twitter mostly to connect with people in the fiber arts world and a few other Pittsburghers & friends. So twitter and my new blog will be my primary outlets to talk knitting, crochet, designing and teaching.

So if you are interested in my fibery pursuits, you are encouraged to add StructuredStitches to your feed reader of choice. But if your only interest is in family stories and personal anecdotes, there is no need to stray from this blog. :-)