Thursday, February 03, 2011

February 3

I have been wanting to write, but I haven't been sure what to say. The kids and I haven't been doing much interesting stuff on our home days. With the snow and all three of us having colds, laying low has seemed like a good plan. We have a neighborhood playdate this afternoon, but It is our first in a couple weeks. Now that we are all on the mend, I need to get some more plans on the calendar. :-)

A few snippets:

1 - I had an interview on Friday. I would like the job. I was surprised to get a response on Tuesday. It is a contingent job offer, subject to the firm getting the notice to proceed on a new project. No specific timeframe. The upside is that it gives me some hope and real possibilities. The downside is the uncertainty and the fact that the stability of the job will relate directly to new work that comes in the door. I'm definitely in a better place than I was a week ago, but I'm not breaking out the champagne yet...

2 - I have both a knitting and a crochet commission arriving this week, so I used the bit of 'free' time I had to wrap up and work on my own things. As of Tuesday, the two "Hey Jude" toddler sweaters are ready for a bath, I started a swatch for some leg warmers and I've woven some more Babette Blanket ends. I have since gotten different yarn for the leg warmers and want to use the original yarn for a beret design. So many ideas and so little time...

3 - I submitted a design to Twist Collective. I'm waiting to hear if it was accepted. If it gets accepted, the next six weeks will be very busy with that and my commissions.

4 - When life/the kids allow, I am fastidiously cleaning the house. Heather's birthday party is in less than two weeks. Plus, if/when I get to start the job, I would love to exit unemployment with a clean house. Fingers crossed.

4A - The birthday party preparations and the knitting commission are constantly conflicting with each other for my time. I'm hoping to get ahead on the knitting, so I can take a little time to plan the party. Plus there are the preparations for Heather's actual birthday...

5 - The kids and I did take an outing to the mall a few weeks ago. I couldn't really tell you the last time I went to mall. There was a time in my life (high school) when it was a regular and enjoyable activity. Not that I hate it now, I just think there are other things I would rather do. I have other ways to hang out with my friends and online shopping is faster. (I do prefer to shop for clothes in person, but the time and money required only align 1-2 times a year right now.)

Anyway...Todd got a Build-a-Bear gift card for his first birthday and I wanted to wait to use it until he could pick the animal himself. He chose (with a little influence from me) an owl. He really seems to like it and it is the closest he has come to having a "lovey" in 21 months.

6 - Have I mentioned that he is 21 months now. Yikes!