Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lost a room, gained a room

The storage room I was using for pumping was a gift from the building owners when the storage room that we rent had some flooding. I guess our rented storage room is okay now, because the building owners took the free room away as of this morning.

So I went home last night assuming I was going to have to pump in our non-locking interior finish library today.

The building manager came to my rescue and is allowing me to use a small unrented office where she has some desks and chairs stored. The nice thing is that I get to hang onto the key full time since this isn't a room anyone else in our office uses (at least until my coworker comes back from maternity leave).


I haven't really mentioned the fact that Heather started at daycare on Monday. She seems to be doing fine, and even though Monday seemed like an EXTREMELY long day to me, I'm doing fine now, too. :-) It's hard not talking to her teachers on a daily basis, but R and I have come up with a few strategies that will allow me to get there from time to time. And I totally trust him to let me know what's going on...but it's just a bit difficult not being part of the process myself.


And on one more random note, my leg pain seems to be improving. I skipped the motrin yesterday morning before my doctor's appointment, and I was surprised at how good my leg felt. It's still not totally back to normal, but there seems to be some definite improvement, despite the fact that no one really knows what is causing the pain. ;-) My uneducated guess is that my attempts to undo the turmoil that was causing my back pain from the pregnancy changed my spine/posture/walk/muscles too drastically and too quickly, which through something else out of whack. Hopefully once this pain issue is resolved I will have my body back (with the exception of my boobs, of course)!

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