Thursday, June 28, 2007

Focused on Harry

I'm feeling the way I did the first time I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I don't want to put it down. The first time I read it was when R and I were in St. Lucia for our 2nd Anniversary. There were several times (and I think one whole afternoon), when I stayed on my beach chair to read while R enjoyed the water. Although, actually, I don't think the reading prevented me from going out in the water...but it probably meant that I got less knitting done on that trip than I would have otherwise. (That, and the fact that I brought wool projects with me - what was I thinking bringing wool yarn to the carribbean?!?)

Anyway, this time around, I obviously can't sit for hours on end and read. But I am using every available opportunity to read a few more pages. On the bus. While Heather eats. While pumping (kind of annoying, but possible). And before bed while letting the fan me off enough that I can fall asleep.

I was torn this morning when I missed the express bus. I was sad that I will have to stay a little later and miss the express bus home...but happy when I realized that I'd get some extra reading time in.

And, I saw a trailer for HP5 last night while watching my DVR recording of Ugly Betty from last week. I backed up and watched it in slow motion. There were several locations that I couldn't specifically map to scenes in my brain - so I think the designers on this movie have a very different interpretation of the inside of the Ministry of Magic than what J.K. Rowling's descriptions put in my brain. (Not a complaint, just an observation)

I was happy to see that Fred and George's exit from school appears to be in the movie, but I got the impression that Umbridge's exit might be different. I was also happy to see that Lupin will definitely be in this one (other than being a member of the Order, he doesn't have a pivotal role in the book).

I also realized as I was watching the trailer that even though the movies have had some affect on the "movie" that plays in my head as I read, that the original characters I envisioned are still mostly intact. Especially Harry. I can't describe it exactly. The Harry in my brain is similar to Daniel Radcliffe...but still somehow different. In fact, the location that I have the most trouble with is Hagrid's house. It is smaller and simpler in the movies than in the book, and I have trouble resolving that sometimes while reading because I picture the house from the movies.

Okay. Enough rambling for now.

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