Sunday, July 01, 2007

Go see photos

I've posted more Heather photos at

I'm still behind, but I went through 14 days (June 11-25), including the shower last Saturday. You'll see more pictures if you are a registered user (move your mouse over the "@" sign to register and please use an ID that would tell R and I who you are).

It took a couple of hours last night and tonight to do those 14 days...and R took over 600 photos yesterday, so i'm done for the moment. I need to work on the house tour and vacuum our house before I post any more...but I'll try to do some on Wednesday or next weekend.

The weather this weekend was gorgeous. I even woke up a little chilly this morning. Fingers crossed that it stays like this for a while!

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Melissa & Jon said...

I was able to check out some of Heather's photos while Grant finishes his nap. It appears it's at its end :-) Heather is so cute I can barely stand it! I, too, love this weather. Humidity, heat and beating sun just aren't my friends!