Monday, July 02, 2007

Harlot happiness

I realize that this makes me a big dork, but I'm going to admit it anyway.

I re-watched the episode of Knitty Gritty with The Yarn Harlot yesterday with the intention of deleting it from the DVR when I was done. We don't need the space, but it's been on there a long time.

I couldn't do it.

I don't need the episode for any knitting related reason. I know how to make a sock and I have Stephanie's book, so I don't need the show for the pattern.

I just couldn't delete Stephanie.

Watching the episode made me happy.

And even though we've only met twice briefly at her book signings where she was mobbed by many memorable knitters, and she's probably more likely to remember Heather than to remember me...I've read every single one of her blog posts, and I feel like I know her and I just couldn't delete it.

So it will stay on there until the DVR does something dumb that causes the episode to disappear.


LisaBe said...

i keep stuff on our dvr, too, some of which i rewatch and some of which i just like to know i *could* rewatch if i wanted to. andrew replaced our original tivo hard drive with an 80gb one, so it isn't like we need the space, either. i kept the original today show footage of the 9/11 attacks, which i watched live, for years. i have a couple of episodes of "mad about you" that i just can't delete. and i think a couple of home improvement shows that i delude myself into thinking i'll reference when it's time to do the kitchen. so i wouldn't worry; i think you're totally normal. i wouldn't have deleted it either. (i don't know whether i still have that episode or not!)

Amanda said...

I had to delete my YH knitty gritty. the entire middle of the episode was GONE! I never saw the entire episode. Just the begining and the end.

Anna said...

This is where I wish I had actual DIY instead of watching the "leftovers" on HGTV.