Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11 minutes

It's kinda sad how long I've been meaning to post and I haven't gotten to it for various reasons - being tired, working on my flickr uploads, finding my missing needles and yarn, labeling Heather's new winter coat, boots and shoes among other things. That, and being overwhelmed about how much I want to post and haven't gotten to.

I really need to go to bed at 10, so when I started I had 11 minutes to write this...and now I have 8. :-)

A few tidbits:
- Anytime Heather sees cheese in any form, she says "Mac'n' cheese?" Macaroni and Cheese used to be called "Cheese", so I guess she's evolved.
- Heather and I went to target tonight and see really seemed to enjoy trying on shoes. I think daddy is worried.
- Heather loves the garbage truck. On monday we were lucky enough to see it twice. Once from the front window and once from the back window. We couldn't do anything until it was out of view. Every truck is now a garbage truck.
- Her current favorite book is a Moose book that she calls the "soose" book. But once we say Moose, she says it with an "M".

two minutes...

As I mentioned earlier, I lost some yarn and needles in the house. I've been looking for it since Saturday and finally found it last night. Progress is finally being made again on the toddler sweater that's been sitting for a while.

Before I found the yarn and needles I got bored on the bus with my socks and started using the sock yarn to make an iPod cozy.

Time up! more soon...

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Beth, Dave and Cori said...

Good to hear a brief update, and hope to see some pics soon! I'm loving the shoe shopping visual!