Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Eating and the TV

So according to a report on the Today show this morning, those of us who grew up eating in front of the television are not as good at paying attention while we eat and knowing when we feel satisfied.

I don't totally disagree, and I would probably argue that my propensity to eat at my desk at work probably has the same poor result.

Just something to think about as I reignite my efforts to eat better (and less) and reinvigorate my exercise routine. Along with an expected return to the gym in the next week or two, I have ordered myself a pedometer. With the bus and regular lunchtime errands, I know that I walk, but I don't know if I walk enough to make a difference. So I hope to use the pedometer to find out what I am already doing and help myself improve.

After the house tour, I expect things to get less busy. It would be good at that point to make an effort to eat at the table with the TV off. A good habit to get into before we have kids...

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