Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday List

There is too much going on to focus my post on one topic. Sometimes I feel like I should just be able to download the blog posts that I think of during the day directly from my head. That might make these things more coherent. :-)

1 - I think I've mentioned before that I've been watching "Gilmore Girls" in syndication on ABC Family. We are nearing the end of Season 6, and according to the DVR they are looping back to the pilot next week. :-( I just checked on amazon.com and season 7 isn't going to be released on DVD until November 13th. :-( I guess in the best case, I will be able to find Season 7 at Blockbuster and there will only be a week or so of suspense until I get to see how it all ends.

2 - With that meme last week I was delighted to see how many of my friends watch Battlestar Galactica! I almost feel like we should have a party when the next season starts.

3 - Heather's sleeping habits. The good news is that on Friday, she went to sleep at 9pm and slept for over 11 hours straight. And her sleeping the rest of the weekend was generally good. One overnight wake-up and decent bedtimes. But now the confusing part. Last night she fell asleep nursing around 6:30. Then she woke up and nursed again at 8:30. And we couldn't get her to sleep again until 11:30. :-( My first theory was that she had crappy naps yesterday. But no, she had a good one and an okay one. Tonight, she fell asleep on her daddy's lap at 7:20 and she had two good naps today. I don't know if she's taking annoying evening naps that disrupt her bedtime or if she's working on an earlier bedtime. Assuming that she is going to wake up again this evening, I plan to try to nurse her and put her right back to sleep. I was almost able to do it last night but I wasn't trying hard enough.
...So...she woke up about 8 and slept/nursed in my arms for half an hour and went back to sleep. Cross your fingers.

4 - I'm not sure what I'm going to do on the bus tomorrow. I finished my socks on the bus today. I started another baby sweater over the weekend, but the gauge is off and I don't know if I can find the needles I need quickly. I may have to start another pair of socks or use the leftovers from my socks to make a pair for Heather.

I'm pretty sure there is more, but I am fading and I need to get a few other things done before crashing in bed as soon as possible.


Amanda said...

Awwww, mommy and me matching hand knit socks :o)

knutty4knitting said...

Re your cute baby Heather's sleeping habits, perhaps she might be going through a growth spurt and so is eating more and sleeping more. At least, that's what happened with my three kids.