Saturday, October 04, 2008

"I keem"

We went out to dinner tonight after an extended session at the playground. We chose a burger place a few doors down from an ice cream shop.

After dinner we loitered outside for a few minutes because they have some raised curbs around the planters that Heather likes to walk on. (She likes to walk on any raised curb, wall, stone, etc - its a highlight of several of our regular neighborhood jaunts.)

I was waiting to see if she was done walking the wall, and R was looking at something on his iPhone, and the next thing we know Heather starts saying "I keem, I keem, I keem" and pointing at the ice cream shop.

Guess we have to be careful where we hang out from now on. ;-)


On an unrelated note, I think it is awesome that The Yarn Harlot coined a new word that is credited in the New York Times. Unsurprisingly proof of her abilities to appeal to a large audience, not just an audience of knitters. I also think it is cool that Mr. Kinnear called her the Michael Jordan of knitters on national TV, but I think it stinks that he assumes that all knitters are female...

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Michelle said...

Oh yes, we're in the same boat! She knows where the ice cream and Rita ice comes from and when we pull into the grocery store parking lot, she starts chanting either cookies and/or cheese because she knows they'll give them to her. I've had to start saying they don't have cookies today which is course followed by "why?"!

As for Greg Kinnear, baby steps-- just mentioning knitting on TV was big and his assumption was an easy one. I loved the Michael Jordan comparison, too!