Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It was a big year for me. Putting together a resume and portfolio. Graduating from college. Getting my first apartment and living alone (well, you know, besides the cat). Getting my first real job. My first relationship that would last for more than a few months. Changing my legal residence to Pennsylvania. My first cell phone. The first time I got snowed out of Buffalo on my way there (Thanksgiving).

Really, the one big thing that could have happened that year and didn't was getting my first car. (Thank you public transportation, for all of the money you saved me!)

All of that makes 2009 a constant stream of "10 years ago" memories. I talked about my 10 year anniversary at work at the beginning of the summer. Now it is time for the other biggie.

10 years ago today was my first "official" date with my wonderful husband. (The unofficial first date happened a week earlier. Long story. :-P )

It's not something we really celebrate and I'm not looking to start. I probably wouldn't even remember what day in October it happened, except that it happens to fall on my BFF's birthday.

So, to the two most important R's in my life...
Happy ten years and Happy Birthday!


Life with Pog said...

That's sweet.
I remember our first official date, but I don't know when we started hanging out. I remember saying "my husband finally asked me out on our first date". It's funny how things just stick in your mind.

RD said...

Aw. Happy 10 year dating anniversary!!!! I think I met you in 1999 as well, but I understand if that anniversary doesn't carry as much weight, haha :)

DH & my dating anniv. will be 11 years this Dec. Crazy!