Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The pile system

I used to be a pretty organized person. In school and my first few years of work, I was pretty darn organized. My system at work has slipped over the years. I can generally find things, but it takes a little longer and I don't have the same confidence about being able to find things...even though I know that they are probably there. I think it is probably representative of how my brain feels...and I assume that my organizational skills will rebound when I am less sleep deprived and mentally scattered. (I hope.)

Working on multiple projects at once has generally resulted in a system of piles on my desk. There are a few things in binders or folders, but it is mostly piles. And sometimes when I leave for the day they are neat piles. And sometimes they aren't.

We just got a phone call asking questions about a conference call that occurred 2 weeks before Todd was born. There were no meeting minutes because we were closing in on a very tight deadline, but I knew that I would have taken notes.

I managed to find the notes from the conference call in question WHILE we were still on the phone with the client. Woot! Makes me feel like my old organized and dependable self again.

I think I will reward myself with some chocolate from Mr. Vendy to eat while I type up these notes for the client.

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Katie said...

Yay for finding things from a fellow piler. And hip, hip, hooray for chocolate!