Thursday, July 27, 2006


Dear blog readers,

It is not your fault that I have done so little posting lately. I like keeping you in the loop in what's been going on in my life and I enjoy writing and getting my thoughts in a place where I can go back and read them again. There have been a few times in my life when I have kept a journal of some description, and I always enjoy going back and rereading my perspectives on the past. There are always little things that I have forgotten and I can say for certain that my 22 year-old self has a different view than my 30 year-old self. Part of this is because I no longer have to wonder so much about the future - I have a job and a husband - not to say that I think the rest of my life will be predictable or easy, but just that at least for the time being some of those "big" questions that used to haunt me are currently answered.

Anyway, the short "excuse" for my absense is that I've been hot and tired. Add that in with two weekends spent away from home and you get relative blog silence. Honestly, we haven't really unpacked from the camping trip or the trip last weekend to Michigan City, Indiana for a friend's wedding. The heat hasn't been as bad as it was a couple of weeks ago, but it still seems to be slowing me down. I just have to get past it and move on.

More soon about the wedding (really lovely) and my knitting (I seem to be pretty monogamous lately and enjoying lace again).


rm55 said...

I hope you're being monogamous!

Anonymous said...

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