Thursday, July 06, 2006


I know this blog has been exceedingly quiet for the past week, but I can't really promise that it might change before the weekend (maybe).

There just isn't a whole lot that I've felt like writing about. R and I spent much of this dead-blog time watching first season episodes of LOST (I haven't seen them all yet since I worked on Monday) and resting. My motivation to do much else has been limited.

The one exception was Saturday. We went for a lovely trip to Moraine State Park with one of R's coworkers and his wife. We had brunch at Eat'n'Park, we drove around the park, we hiked, we had ice cream treats, we talked, we toured their house and we wrapped it all up with a Mexican dinner. And after an all-to-brief nap, we went to a different couple's house for a game night and celebration of Army Day. (We still don't know what Army Day celebrates, but the host couple is in the process of adopting a boy from Guatemala and Army Day is celebrated there.)

When I get my act together, there are house pictures to post and knitting pictures to take and post. The two blankets I was working on are done. The only projects in the work are the current Trekking socks and that pink pullover from Vogue Knitting that I haven't worked on since Easter. On Tuesday I knit myself a pair of FuzzyFeet ( and I made two catnip toys.


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