Monday, June 26, 2006

Photo update

I'm pretty sure that the recipient of this sweater/sock set doesn't read my blog. But even if she does, she doesn't know I'm making her a present. So this is pretty safe. Aren't they adorable?!

The sweater pattern is Double Scoop and the socks are from here.

And here is an overdue photo of the items sent to Dulaan 2006. The variegated maroon hat and blue irish hiking scarf were contributed by blogless Erin. Also, the brightly colored fair isle on the left was made with leftover yarn that Erin gave me at a GTG. I used up every bit that she brought!

Please don't ask for patterns for the fair isle hats. I made them up as I went. :-) I can send you a more detailed photo if that helps...

And last, a photo showing how much our party tired out Stewart. This is the day after. He's sleeping on my old painted theater canvases. They aren't soft, but somehow he manages to be very comfortable on them.

He also likes to sleep on the piano, so clearly he is a cat that likes a firm bed!


Erin said...

Double Scoop turned out great!!

Anonymous said...

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