Monday, June 05, 2006


The fact that I haven't mentioned the Reds for a little while does not imply that I have stopped following their daily ups and downs. It is merely that it is less fun to proclaim "The Reds are in second!" or "The Reds are 3 games out of first!" or "The Reds have the fourth best record in the NL!" than the previously true "The Reds are in first!"

I was sorry to note that they lost several series in a row and they weren't playing as confidently as they seemed to be in April. But they have not lost their offensive prowess and the pitching has still been capable. Their sweep of the Astros makes me happy and should put them in a good frame of mind for playing their division rival Cardinals.

It's much to early to dream about the playoffs (seriously, a season over .500 would be a big improvement) but it is nice to think that if yesterday was the last day of the season, the Reds would be the Wildcard team. :-)

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