Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday, monday

Most of the things that I listed on Thursday were done this weekend to some extent, although our hiking trip was postponed. It was really not an attractive weekend for weather - sometimes it was sunny and sometimes there were thunderstorms. But best of all there was a break in the heat, so there was no more sweating while painting this weekend.

Thursday I am taking the day off so we can have a plumber and a heating guy (or girl) come to the house. The plumber will disconnect the sink left in the third floor "kitchen" and the heating guy is going to take with me about central air and the costs involved. It is something we will do eventually, and the cost is the major factor as to whether it will be sooner or later. When we were house hunting, I think we only saw two houses with central air. The first needed major updates and work, but it was high enough in the neighborhood to have a fabulous view of the East End. The second was very nice, but it was on the small side and it was half of a duplex, and R was very much uninterested in sharing a wall. (There may have been other negatives about it, but they have faded.)

We have forced air heat, so fingers crossed that it won't be too expensive and that there is a good solution for cooling the third floor (which isn't connected to the forced air system). I have a feeling that we'll condition the third floor first, just because it makes that space much more usable year-round *and* because we might as well do as much work as we can up there before we start living up there. Also, I'm guessing (and hoping) that it will be less expensive than the rest of the house...

Next, to schedule the junk pickup for the weekend.

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