Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary to me!

7 years ago today was my first day of employment at my current job, which also is the only job I've held since I graduated from college. I don't know if that says a lot about me or just says that I was lucky enough to find a good fit the first time out. Sometimes I wonder what kind of change would have to occur to force me to go someplace else, and I'm not really sure what the answer is. Or if there even needs to be one.

One more year of service and I get upgraded from 10 vacation days to 15 - woohoo!

Upcoming plans for the next few days:
- Finish painting the bathroom trim, door and transom
- Figure out what else we need to do before we have 1-800-Got Junk come make a pick-up from the third floor and the garage
- Possible outing with R's coworkers to welcome a new admin
- Hiking outing with friends at a local park
- Continue knitting on shower gift that will be late
- Pack up donations for The Dulaan Project and get them in the mail
- Pack up overdue baby gift and mail it
- Browse the neighborhood yard sale on Sunday for things we can't live without ;-)
- Pray that we get some neighbors to agree to put their homes on the house tour so I can stop worrying about it
- Figure out who we can ask to help us schlep a dollhouse that will just barely fit in the stairway up to the second floor...

1 comment:

Rich Y. said...

happy anniversary, indeed!

yeah, i turn 8 here at NI in august. that first paragraph you wrote? my sentiments exactly. cheers...