Friday, December 01, 2006

3 weeks and 3 days until Christmas

It seems like I've thought of a lot of things to post since Wednesday, but there isn't much coming to mind at the moment, other than knitting-related things. Maybe more will pop into my head as I write.

There was much knitting progress over the Thanksgiving weekend. Another pair of fetching gloves was started and completed. This time, I used two colors to accent the purl columns. I'm very happy with the results and might make one or two more pairs in the same style. Though it was a pain at first to change colors and change from knit to purl at the same time and so often, but after a bit I got the hang of it. It's still slower than just change color or just changing stitches, but not too bad.

I also wove in the ends and sewed together the maternity sweater. It now fits, thanks to my shortening operation. It just needs to be washed and blocked, and I need to put on the buttons. I will either wear it next week to work, or to my shower...or both. :-) The sleeves are a little long, but I prefer that over them being too short. (This will likely be the last thing I work on for me until December 26th...on second thought, I'll probably start knitting in earnest for the baby then, so this could be the last thing I knit for me until March. :-)

So this week I've returned to the secret christmas knitting. I got a lot of work done last night, and then found a critical error 2 long rows back. I managed to fix it without taking out those two rows...only to discover that the correct stitch pattern required more yarn than the incorrect one and with 10 stitches left to fix I was out of yarn. So I had to undo those two rows anyway. Between this morning's bus ride and a little lunchtime knitting, I'm now done with the row I was on when I found the error. When I see that we're leaving town for Christmas in 3 weeks, I get a little itchy about this project getting done...but I'm trying to have faith that it will all work out.

And I still have no idea what I'm buying for the people that I'm not knitting for...

In pregnancy news, the pain from Sunday has not returned, the doctor is not concerned since my tests were normal and the baby is fine, and I passed my 1-hour glucose test. Good news on all counts! I will be 29 weeks along tomorrow (aka 6 1/2 months or 11 weeks from the estimated due date) - crazy!

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