Wednesday, August 15, 2007


These things seem to come in cycles, and now I'm on the overwhelmed part of the roller coaster ride of the working mom.

I have four projects going at work, all in various states and with competing needs for my time.

Deadlines are approaching for the house tour. I have a lot of stuff I need to assemble before the weekend so I can spend my free time assembling the program.

I'm still barely keeping up with Heather's milk needs, so I'm still pumping 1-2 times a night.

This cereal thing not only takes time but dirties more laundry and dishes.

I think Heather's bedtime might need to be even earlier if we ever want to have a hope of putting her in the crib tired instead of putting her in there asleep. And I really don't know how everything is going to get done every night if she goes to be before 8. As it is I haven't managed to give her a real bath in almost a week.

And on top of all that I'm really tired, which makes it all seem that much harder. In the past few weeks I've only had a couple of nights when I managed to eek out 8 hours of sleep, so my average is probably somewhere around 6.5 hours. I can't tell you how good 7 hours straight felt last night, but I still need more to stave off my bad mood.


Cereal is going okay. Heather is accepting of it, although she's not crazy about being constrained in the chair and I don't think she loves the rice cereal. Maybe oatmeal will be a bigger hit.

(Part of me thinks I should have them feed her cereal at daycare so she needs less EBM and we have one less thing to do at night...but then that is one less thing that I get to do with her. In a month or two she'll need two "meals" a day and I can stop fretting over this particular decision.)

She's also babbling up a storm and sitting on her own. She still needs to sit on a soft surface or with some adult arms nearby, but she is pretty stable for several minutes at a time.


Nadine said...

I so completely hear you about those periods of time when it seems like it's just not possible. For what it's worth, Lainey goes to bed around 6:30, which is sad b/c we don't get to see alot of her, but good b/c she's well-rested and we can get stuff done after she's down (and would be doubly true if we didn't also have a toddler who goes to bed at 8!).

Also for what it's worth, neither of my girls ever liked cereal on its own. We basically jumped right into fruits and veggies for both of them and it worked fine...Lainey will eat cereal mixed into something else she likes (last night it was a sweet potato/rice cereal combo), but she'll gag it back up on its own!!

cara said...

i'm going to ditto nadine's suggestion with the fruit and cereal. we used to mix less than half a 4 oz jar... just to pump up the taste a bit and add some flavor to the cereal. it worked, he loved it! OR, try mushing up some banana in there, he took to that like crazy! and loves them today even. plus now he feeds the banana to himself! major plus! you'll make it!

Anna said...

As you know, Henry didn't like the cereal either. It was more important to me that he enjoy eating, so we went to bananas.

I can't wholeheartedly recommend Weisbluth's book on baby sleep because he is really into hardcore CIO for 4 month olds, but his suggestion of an earlier bedtime is really a good one. Henry went to sleep around 6:30 as well...which I know sounds overwhelming because that's about when you get home. But it did help with his sleep.

Can you get some help around the house? You sound like you need a break.

Erin said...

I love Heather's babbling!

jen said...

Finn took a little while to take to cereal as well, but I think it was just the idea of the new texture I was putting in his mouth. He eventually began to enjoy it even without adding fruit (he has it mixed now, but I introduced veggies first so the fruit came later). I also just wanted to say, it's okay if she goes a week without a proper bath. I would take that worry off your list.