Thursday, August 02, 2007

Unexciting title

I have a post about breastfeeding floating about in my head, but not the time to write it out. It's not meant to be condescending, but recent things that I've read tell me that formula feeding moms just "don't get it". Not that FFing moms are bad, but just that I've seen some examples of moms who don't seem to understand the rewards that come from a little extra effort. I'm probably not making much sense - I'll try to flush my thoughts out soon while I still remember them. :-)

Right now, I'm counting the minutes until it's time to go pump again so I can get back to Harry. (Maybe I should have just taken a half day off of work, LOL?) When I got to work this morning I had 90 pages to go...I'm soooooo close. And I'm really happy about what I read at my last pumping session!

Counting down - 1 week until Heather hits the 6 month mark. :-) I'm still debating what to feed her first next weekend - oatmeal? sweet potato? avocado? banana? So many possibilities, and I'm sure I'll be much more excited about it than she will be!


Anna said...

I'm looking forward to reading that post when you get around to it.

I vote for banana or sweet potato. Henry just didn't take to cereal and I didn't push a way, I wonder if that contributed to his anemia (which may also be genetic) but other than the extra iron, the cereals aren't really all that nutritious. It's also fun to feed a baby something he or she really enjoys eating. ;)

Melissa & Jon said...

I am putting in my votes for banana, sweet potato and avocado (OK, not mixed together). Grant was never into the rice cereal, and we switched to oatmeal quickly. I bought organic (because of the natural flavors) instant oatmeal and pulsed it in the blender so it would mix up smoother and with less/no lumps, then added hot water. Mmm, mmm good!!! Mealtime is such a social, fun trying new things!

jen said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about the food adventures! Beware the banana - she'll probably love it, but it can really firm things up, if you know what I mean.