Friday, December 28, 2007


Before...........and after...........

A few weeks ago, mom and I organized the yarn stash. Heather attempted to help, but we decided that she should supervise from the exersaucer. For reference, we have a queen sized bed. I'm not going on any kind of a yarn diet, but i will be trying to knit from the stash when i'm ready to start something new. All of the warm i have was purchased with a project in mind.


Amanda said...

I don't expect to ever photograph my stash. It is small, very small... but looking at it and even thinking about it makes me feel like I am behind in my knitting. Better left hidden away until I am ready for it!

Anna said...

I don't know if you guys read my blog the other day but I made all kinds of rules for myself about stash and yarn buying.

Yesterday I went through everything again and made a huge mess on the living room floor, which I will NOT photograph for blog purposes.

But I gotta say, Amy, your before looks very much like my after! You are very tidy.

cara said...

i love that heather is part of your photos :) so cute!

i too don't have this problem. all of my stash fits into to 2 drawers in our entertainment center. and i'm happy about it.