Monday, December 17, 2007


I am tired of being broken.

I vividly remember a few weeks ago (the first weekend in November, to be exact) thinking how happy I was that I felt like I had my body back. Despite the fact that Heather was still nursing, we were in groove that made everything feel almost like it did pre-baby, I could move all of my appendages like I used to pre-baby and I was even continuing to lose weight from breastfeeding (granted, some of this was just from being too busy to eat much dinner).

Well, all of that has reversed. The friday before Thanksgiving I got a clogged duct in my normally perfect and extremely productive right side. The Sunday before Thanksgiving my hip/leg pain returned. And the past couple of weeks I've been craving chocolate and sweets like I did pre-baby. (I haven't gained any weight, but the loss has stopped). I'm back on my motrin and not sleeping as well because of the hip/leg pain, and my clogging issues seem to be ebbing and flowing (ha ha), but not going away. The only good news is that the motrin I'm taking for my leg is good for the duct, too, so at least I don't have to overmedicate.

Add in a horrendous night last night, which was probably due to the beginnings of Heather's third tooth (Merry Christmas to us) and I'm pretty miserable today. I'm seriously just waiting for the clock to strike 5 so I can go home and put a hot compress on my sore breast. And the fatigue and stress are probably the cause of the clog (or the reason it keeps returning), so it's a catch-22 of sorts

I seriously hate being this whiny...but nothing seems to make me more whiny than being tired and achy at work.


To keep from being totally obnoxious, I'll end on a happy note. The inside of the house is decorated for Christmas and it looks nice. Heather loves the trees and the lights. :-)


jen said...

I think stress is the cause of all my plugged duct incidents as well and, yes, they totally stress me out in return. So whine away...I feel for ya!

Michelle said...

I've been there with the clogged duct and hopefully you'll have ample time to just rest and apply a warm compress...the catch is finding time to just lay down I know! Hang in there!

Nadine said...

I am so, so sorry. I truly feel your pain, all around. Plugged ducts are some of the hardest things related to nursing, I think. And so freaking frustrating!! And I had serious hip/joint issues during my pregnancy with Lainey. Luckily, they resolved themselves after she was born, but it was excruciating in the middle of it. I did physical therapy, which definitely helped some.

And as for the sleeping/teething fun...totally there with you. Sleep deprivation just makes everything worse, doesn't it?

I just know that this will all be better for you soon...hang in there.

Anna said...

Obviously you don't have to answer me on your public blog, but have you gotten your period back? I found that so many things in my body went kaput shortly before my period started up again.

cara said...

i think i'm going to ditto anna... i hope this all goes away soon and that you are back to normal for the holidays :)