Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bye-bye pump!

It's official. I'm done pumping at work!

I was planning to pump through Friday, but after a bad session last Thursday I decided to go ahead and quit so I have time to heal during the day. (I'm still not totally back to normal, but things are better.)

I will have to pump when I travel for work and I don't have plans to wean Heather soon (assuming that my healing continues), but I am free from daily pumping! Woot!

...but I'm hanging onto my key to the storage room for a couple of weeks, just in case. ;-)

Other tidbits

- It seems more likely that Heather associates the sound mamamama with me and dadadada with R. I wouldn't say that she is calling us by name, but she seems to use those sounds at the right time. I also think she says duck "Duh" to the rubber duckies in the bath and the other day R & I were sure we heard something that sounded like kitty while she was in the high chair and the cats were wandering around. I'm hesitant to say that any of these are real words, but they are sounds that she associates with things, so I guess by loose definition they are words. ;-)

- She rarely waves anymore. She used to love it and now I don't think she's done it in a week or two.

- She might officially be down to one nap a day. Because she is primarily with older kids, that is what she is doing at daycare, and that is what she did this past weekend at home, too. I'm just trying to be really watchful in the evenings to see if her bedtime needs to be earlier. Some mornings she wakes up while we're getting ready and other mornings she wakes up around the time my alarm goes off to nurse and then goes back to sleep. (Selfishly) I don't really want to get to a point where she wakes at the same time every day because rigid schedules really don't work for us...but I don't want her to be sleep deprived either.

- I ordered gates yesterday. I've been meaning to do it for weeks, and it is just a hard enough process given the strange and large sizes of our openings that I never followed through on it. One of us is with Heather all of the time, so it's not like she is in any danger. But someday that isn't going to be so easy anymore. Our plan is to keep her gated in the living room and dining room. At some point we will probably need a gate to put at the top of the steps on the second floor, but doors will have to work for now. We also need to make a serious pass through the living room and dining room and figure out what needs to be put up or away. There are a few shelves that need to be cleared and some lower tables that need to be kept free of clutter. Maybe with the grandparents around this weekend we can make a dent in the work.

- The tulip sweater is done. If it hadn't been 59 degrees this morning I might have sent her to school in it today. It will probably make its debut later this week. (Note to self, I need to buy some sew-in labels. The iron-on ones just don't work.)

- Ivy is going well. I'm about halfway up the back. I'm a little sad to be in the 'boring' stockinette section on the bus, but I know it will get interesting again.

- I keep forgetting that my birthday is tomorrow. We don't have any specific plans and I don't even know if Heather can stay up long enough to go out to eat after work. I would normally take the day off, but there are a number of reasons why I'm not doing that this year. Heather and I will just have to celebrate on the 18th when we're home together. :-) I guess the most surprising part is that I don't really mind. Strange coming from someone that used to start counting down to her birthday a month in advance!


cara said...

lots of great updates!

happy birthday! it's funny how after you've had a child you really don't care as much as you used to about your own birth day :)

Amanda said...

Happy birthday! I totally forgot about mine, but in my defense it was a short 8 days into being a mother. My mind was still spinning! I think I get to stay 27 until next December.

Can't wait to see the knitted items :o) I envy your breaking up with your pump. My relationship with mine is about to become much more involved...

Michelle said...

how funny, I just did a post on A's words to date! I wish we were down to one nap a day, she still shuffles back and forth. Can't wait to see her Tulip, I just love that pattern!

Beth Sprague said...

Happy Birthday!!! And congrats on losing the pump!!

DrDrama said...

Happy birthday, woman! So funny about the words. S's main words are "mama" and "up" interspersed with a lot of yelling and screeching. I had no idea that you and H had birthdays so close together.

jen said...

Happy Birthday!

I can only imagine your joy at ditching the pumping. The one good thing about Finn never taking a bottle is that it meant I hardly ever had to pump. I don't think I can pull that off next time 'round, however.

W said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!
I know what you mean about birthdays not being as important anymore - I glossed over my 30th last year when Lily was 2 months. :)

Congrats on making it to a year with breastfeeding, sounds like you're still going strong. That's great!