Friday, February 29, 2008

This weekend

I'm going to start making my to-do list public and we'll see how much I get crossed off. I've been hesitant to make a real list because I thought it would just be overwhelming, but now that I've made a dent in the cleaning process it doesn't seem so bad.

Other than some laundry I haven't gotten a lot done this week, but I have managed to maintain the clean state in the kitchen. I guess maintaining the status quo is better than sliding back into messiness! I also managed to cook four of the past five nights and the fifth night was leftovers. Not bad.

Must do:
- Write birthday thank you notes
- Deal with clutter in foyer and dining room
- Laundry
- Put away items currently "hanging out" in upstairs hallway
- Sleep

Next steps:
- Deal with clutter in bedroom and dressing room
- Clean bathrooms
- Dust, vacuum and mop first floor
- Dust, vacuum and mop second floor
- Weave in ends and sew up baby items that I finished knitting this week
- Start next couple of baby gifts

In my mind I would like to get the house to an easy to main state so that during the next few visits from my parents we can deal with more long-term projects - like cleaning my office and maybe finally finishing the mural in Heather's room. ;-) At least the alphabet is complete...but I never got to add the bugs and butterflies!


Also, a nursing note. For the past four days, Heather has gone to her high chair for a snack instead of requesting to nurse after daycare/work. I thought this was going to be the last session she would get rid of, and it looks like it is going to be the first. It will be interesting to see if she requests a late afternoon/early evening session this weekend or not.

I'm not really ready to wean, but dropping this session isn't bothering me as much as I thought it would. So I guess if she decides to wean I will probably be okay with it. A little sad but okay. And relieved that we don't have to force her to wean down the road.

We're down to 2-3 sessions a day and I guess we'll wait and see what happens!

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Melissa & Jon said...

I hope that your weekend was as productive as you hoped it would be!