Thursday, September 11, 2008

Favorite Heather-isms

1 - She's very good at goodbyes. When her friends came over for a playdate she said "bye bye melia" and "bye bye pin" unprompted as their mommies started the cars to pull away. When we are playing outside, she'll say bye bye when a car pulls away. She'll basically say bye bye to anyone with an adorable little wave.

2 - She's still shy for hellos, but the hand wave is more reliable even if she won't speak.

3 - "Boo boo" and "band aid" (ban-aye) are two of my favorite words (despite the implications).

4 - Her word for pacifier is "bye-doe" (?) and she knows how to say "nurse". Both of these words are simultaneously good and bad in the eyes of a mom wondering if and when we should wean from both. (I'm more concerned about the former).

5 - She can say Stewart and Nora now. As well as knowing how to say kitty "ki-teh" and meow.

6 - I think one of my favorite routines is when R and Heather get home first. When I turn up our street, they start walking toward me, and Heather is just giddy with happiness to see me. If she could really run flat out she would. Awesome.

7 - One of her favorite activities is removing all of the contents of my purse and taking everything out of my wallet that she can get out of it. She mostly just looks at things and then hands them to me. Sometimes this is good entertainment at a restaurant.

I'm sure that there are more, but this is all I've come up with while my email window has been open this afternoon.


Beth, Dave and Cori said...

What a smart, sweet little girl!

DrDrama said...

What a cutie! I will have to post some of the Kid's newest words, too. I love it when she gets excited when one of us comes home.