Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too quickly

I'm just having trouble keeping up with all of the things I should be posting. :-) The good news is that the house is getting clean, but that means that I'm spending most of my free time on that and then knitting a little bit in front of the TV before passing out in bed. I've been spending very little time on the computer recently, and back when I was a few weeks ago I was focused on the continuing move to flickr. (I've still got more to do there, but I dropped it to focus on the house.)

So let's start with some Heather things.

1 - She's started requesting trips to the playground and requesting videos (vid-yos). The playground is getting to be more fun as she is doing more climbing and it is not just about the swing and the slide anymore, although she still loves both of them. When it comes to videos, we can get away with showing Sesame Street instead of always watching videos of Heather, but if she doesn't like the SS segment that is on, she's say "No no no no" until I fast forward to something else. Her current favorite character is Big Bird and Oscar got the "No no no" treatment last night. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE On Demand?!?! Lifesaver.)

2 - She says Hi and Bye bye to Nora and Stewart ("tew-ar") when she sees them. She sometimes still tries to run up and pet them, but many times now she's just happy to stand and wave at them. I think she knows that they'll run under the bed if she tries to go up to them. She's very gentle, so I hope that someday they'll give her a real chance to get closer to them.

3 - Spoon ("poon") is one of my current favorite words. She also says airplane and helicopter when she hears one overhead. Noodles and blanket are adorable, too.

4 - We're trying to add "please" to Heather's vocabulary. Totally adorable and irresistible when she says it. Even when she says "mama nurse please" at 5am. :-/

5 - I think she's being a bit more of an adventurous eater again. I hope this means that the teething symptoms for the last incisor are over. It's not that she wasn't eating, but there were just things she had stopped eating and things she wouldn't even try. I don't know that she'll stop being picky, but I was excited that she shared my brunch wrap with me on Sunday for the first time in months.

I'm positive that there are other things, but they aren't coming to me and this text window has been open all day...I will think of more as soon as I step away from the computer I'm sure...

Not too much to say about yarn at the moment. Two of my projects are secret presents for blog-readers, Babette continues and I haven't gotten back to my cardigan yet. I did rewash and block it. We'll see if it stays stretched out, if I need to redo the button band or what I will do to fix it.


Melinda Beasi said...

Spoon ("poon") is one of my current favorite words.

That is very cute. :)

jen said...

"Mama nurse please" at 5am :) I can relate. We're down to just nursing in the morning and he doesn't say please, but sometimes he asks for more..."more? more?" in the sweetest voice while gently tapping me.