Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Amy's NaKniSweMoDo

I posted this in the 'Stash and Burn' forum on Ravelry. For maximum accountability, I'll post it here, too. My own, personal NaKniSweMoDo for 2009. I love the idea of the challenge, but having a 2 year-old and being due with my second baby in May means that this isn't the year for me to follow the official guidelines. :-)

My personal NaKniSweMoDo:

1 - I will focus my 2009 knitting energy on 12 sweaters, tops and vests.

2 - Sweaters, tops and vests for myself and my toddler will count. Sweaters, tops and vests for my baby will only count after he has arrived and my knitting time is severely hampered. (In other words, I can't take the next 12 weeks to knit 12 baby sweaters and call myself done.)

3 - Ripping back and finishing last year's Bombshell can count as one of my 12.

4 - There are at least 9 adult sweater's worth of yarn in my stash plus yarn for adult vests and toddler/baby sweaters. I will knit with stash first and only plan to purchase new sweater yarn at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival from Brooks Farm (or equivalent vendor) or with gift certificates.

5 - Presents for other people's new babies will still happen in 2009 and those objects will not count in my tally.

6 - If I am inspired to pick up a big lace project or return to Subtle Babette, finishing one of those big items will count in my tally.

7 - Even though I started the knitting in December, Amelia will count as my first NaKniSweMoDo item since the majority of the knitting was done in January.

8 - Given my changing body shape over the course of 2009, I do not have to focus on one project at a time. There is no penalty for putting a project down until such time that my body has returned to some semblance of "normal" and it can be tried on before completing the finishing work. Although it is expected that the projects will all be completed and wearable before the end of 2009.

Anybody else want to make themselves a 2009 challenge? ;-)


Amanda said...

It is so tempting... but telling K that I "can't clean, or else I would not complete my NaKniSewMoDo goal" he might just kick me out. Perhaps another year. Although I do already have a sweater knit for January!

Michelle said...

I bow down to thee!

Anna said...

I'm going to finish stuff and not get distracted. ;) Now that I'm doing some shop samples, that gets harder.

Amy E said...

My 2009 goals are: (1) finish or rip everything that is currently on the needles (not really that hard, although there are a couple projects); (2) keep up with the baby knitting; (3) I joined (with a friend at work) the 2009 Year of Lace - I want to finish at least 2 large-ish lace projects this year; (4) knit at least 3 new pairs of socks and one sweater for me; and (5) knit an afghan for my parents (thinking Jared Flood's Giraselle). That's probably more than I can manage to get done, but that's my goal.