Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wrap-up, Knitting and Baby #2

Looking at my list from last week.

1 - Christmas is put away. There are still a few bins and christmas tree parts that need to make it to the third floor, but that isn't my job. Plus, it's pretty cute when Heather sees the tree parts and says "Uh oh Kih-mas tree!"
2 - Nope
3 - Nope
4 - Progress made on laundry, but we aren't caught up. I especially need to deal with the hand wash stuff.
5 - I did the first treatment of the tea stain. It's lighter, but it needs more scrubbing.
6 - All but one present purchased and wrapping paper purchased. Oh, and I finally bought envelopes for a few late Christmas gifts that haven't been mailed yet. *Shame*
7 - Baby knitting finished. Washing and photography still needs to happen.
8 - Done. I think Heather and I set a whole foods bill record, but I don't think I have to go grocery shopping next weekend - score!
9 - Amelia is ready to block. I tried her on last night and I think she'll be great. The garter stitch needs to relax a little...
10 - I'll finish the Samus cable on the bus this afternoon. Then time to start picking up stitches.

I didn't get as much done as I had hoped since putting christmas away took most of Saturday and Heather didn't really nap on Sunday. Oh, and I didn't mention the dishes in my list. Blah. R and I both worked on them this weekend and it doesn't really look like we did. I hate dishes.

Knitting obsession

I'm really feeling the knitting obsession in full force right now. If there wasn't so much to do around the house (short term and long term), I would probably be knitting whenever Heather is sleeping. I've got tons of ideas, tons of motivation to use the yarn in my stash and lots of excitement over my upcoming classes. I'm taking 3 classes at the Pittsburgh Knitting and Crochet Festival in 2 weeks and a Franklin Habit class on March 1st. Plus a knitting retreat with friend in March and lots of babies to knit for.

There is a lot of yarn left from Amelia. I was pretty sure that we overbought for a sweater's worth of yarn by one skein when we picked up 4, but there are significant portions of the 2nd and 3rd skeins leftover as well. I'm going to have to get out my new scale to figure out how many yards remain. I think it might make a nice vest, although it would make a nice shawl, too. Either way, it's going to be something for me. :-) 2009 is the year of selfish and baby knitting, after all, and the yarn is just gorgeous.

Along with this, is my desire to wrap up all of the projects that are "close". Wash all the hand wash items sitting in a pile, sew up the knitted ball, photograph everything recently finished and in progress, etc, etc. There isn't a ton of stuff, but given my limited time, it just feels like I have too many loose ends that I want to tie up so I can enjoy some more evening knitting again. And I don't want to cast on any more big projects while these loose ends are staring me in the face!

Pregnancy #2

This child seems to be causing me a lot more regular heartburn. Tums and avoiding tomato products is definitely helping but the second is a little difficult when you have a toddler obsessed with ravioli and italian food. I think tonight she and daddy are having lasagna while I eat the leftover quesidillas. If I had the energy to cook something just for me I'd make something with mushrooms. :-)

I'm also definitely showing sooner, and at my last appointment I was measuring 2 weeks ahead! I'm hoping that this is just because the little guy is stretching out a lot more than Heather ever did, and not because he's going for some sort of birth weight record.

I still haven't decided what kind of delivery I want this time. There is no wrong answer, I'm just trying to figure out what I want and what freaks me out less. ;-)


jen said...

LOL at "some sort of birth weight record." Let's hope not, especially if you decide to try a VBAC.

Beth, Dave and Cori said...

Just saying hello! Keep up the great work on the checks - and I sure hope the heartburn stays at bay.

K,S,M and R M said...

You are funny! I'm sure Baby #2 is just stretching out, not setting a weight record.