Friday, January 30, 2009


This is one of those "for my own use" posts. There is a lot that I would like to get done before my parents arrive on Thursday so that we can have a fun and somewhat relaxing weekend while they are here. It is a little bit crazy with multiple birthday celebrations and a baby shower to attend, but I'm hoping that we can all have some downtime, too. So here is a list of what I'd like to get done in the next week, mostly this weekend. I'm not a huge fan of to do lists, but I know that sometimes I need them to keep myself from spending Heather's naptime watching TV and knitting. :-)

1 - Take down and put away all Christmas decorations.
Yes, the house is still decorated. Last weekend I spent so much time working and the weekend before was spent on general cleaning chores. I need it all to go away now.
2 - Dusting, sweeping and vacuuming areas that the decorations have vacated.
AKA - No artificial pine needles anywhere.
3 - Mop the kitchen floor.
With all the weather we've had it's beyond messy. Something needs to be done and now.
4 - Put away clean laundry, do more laundry and do hand-wash laundry.
It's getting a little out of control. Both the full hampers and the full baskets of clean clothes. It took me too long to put a semi-coherent outfit together this morning. (especially since I didn't want to wear anything remotely red and to try to include some black)
5 - Clean tea stain in living room carpet.
6 - Purchase a couple more birthday presents and wrap them all.
7 - Finish knitting and labeling baby accessories for baby shower, wash and block baby presents and wrap everything.
8 - Write grocery list (including food for birthday dinners) and go buy groceries.
9 - When I'm too tired for other chores, weave in ends and sew buttons on Amelia so she can be washed and blocked.
I'd love to wear her for my birthday and to the Pittsburgh Knitting and Crochet Festival! I think she's going to get boring solid colored buttons for the time being as I look for ones that I love.
10 - Only when baby knitting is done and I'm too tired for other chores can I work on Samus.

Hmmm...the list isn't as big as I expected. Hopefully this will keep me on task when I have time and help me have a relaxing birthday weekend!

p.s. I bound Amelia off on Tuesday morning! I tried her on Monday night before I knit the neckline. I got the impression that she fits pretty well, although a secure neckline, grafting the underarms and a good washing will tell me for sure.

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