Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Day to you!

Lately Heather is enthralled by birthdays. She loves the song. She loves blowing out the candles (most days we just let her blow out the lights). She knows about presents from Christmas. She's going to LOVE her month.

Last night we went to a birthday party for the daughter of a friend of mine. She turned 4 and Heather was easily the youngest one there. The magic show was good and Heather did well, but it was a little long for a 2 year old... There was much pacing, walking around mommy, jumping, etc. This is one of the few shots where both of our faces are in focus. You can see her body in continuous motion.

After the magic show and before cake, there was much dancing and playing with the balloon animals from before the magic show. You can see how much fun it was.

Heather was a little dismayed that the birthday girl got to blow out the candles. But she recovered in a few minutes when she got to eat some cake. We continue to sing the song over and over, but now we're allowed to use the birthday girl's name instead of Heather's name.


R said...

Actually, she's been asking me to sing it exclusively to "Angelina" since the party :)

Emmy said...

I love that the pictures are all a bit blurry because she was such a busy girl! I can't believe she'll be 2 next month.

Beth, Dave and Cori said...

She is a true social butterfly in motion! I can't wait to hear how she does on her own big day (and 2 - wow!)