Thursday, January 15, 2009

More randomness

1 - If tonight I keep up the progress I've made this week, I could enter the 3-day weekend caught up on dishes and laundry! And since I vacuumed last weekend, I wouldn't need to think about doing the floors this weekend either. (One advantage of having a house that's too big is that the cat hair has plenty of room to spread out, so I don't feel like I have to vacuum weekly...even thought I probably should. Baby steps.) This would allow me to use chore time for de-cluttering and working on my office. And it means that I can't probably limit chore time to daytime without guilt. :-)

2 - It was not as cold at the bus stop this morning as I thought it would be. Yes, it was 12 degrees. But I was pretty well bundled, I was warm from wrangling Heather into her clothes and outerwear and the wind wasn't too bad in our neighborhood. It definitely felt colder downtown with the wind and I don't plan to leave the building at lunchtime. Brrrr.

3 - After a little work on my Amelia sleeve last night, I did a little work on the Samus cable, too. I just can't resist the enjoyment of the cable work. Especially compared to the repetition of knitting stockinette in the round. Hope to be on Amelia sleeve #2 sometime this weekend and I still need to cast on a bib or some baby item.

4 - I admit that I am regularly watching The Biggest Loser this season. Usually I just turn it on when there is nothing else on. But I realized last season that it is more enjoyable to watch when you can fastforward through the many commercials, the "commercials" within the show and the videos that are played both before and after the commercial breaks. So I have been recording it on the DVR. But I won't hesitate to delete episodes if there is a backlog of scripted programming to watch. I'm not *that* addicted.

5 - I'm ready for the premiere of Battlestar Gallactica tomorrow night, the continuation of CSI's season tonight and anxious for the return of LOST next week. And I'm still laughing out loud (literally) at least once an episode (if not more) at The Big Bang Theory. I'm very happy that it seems to be doing well in the ratings. I'm interested to see "Dollhouse" (Joss Whedon) next month, too.

6 - Despite all of this TV happiness, I think it stinks that ABC probably won't be airing the remaining episodes of "Pushing Daisies". Boo.

7 - R keeps taunting me for not reporting a certain cute Heather-ism on the blog, despite the fact that he has a blog of his own where he could note such things. Since he has a cold, I'm going to cut him some slack and make him happy.
Even though she used to detest having her nose wiped, she will now ask for a nose wipe about 50% of the time that she needs one. She will also request "nose wipe finger" if she used her finger to detect that a nose wipe is in fact needed and now said finger needs to be wiped with a tissue as well.

8 - I'm trying to decide whether I'm going to take the day off on my birthday. I'm already taking two days off next month, so it seems a little excessive. But at the same time I need to take a day or two off before May and send Heather to school because there is no way that I'm going to finish my office with just weekend work... Decisions, decisions. I guess I'm kind of waiting to see how the next few weeks of work shake out. If February looks like it's going to be really busy it probably isn't worth it. But if things stay as they are (busy but not crazy) then it is probably doable.

9 - I'm trying to figure out what to serve for Heather's birthday dinner. Something not to hard to make for a big group and something that there is a chance that Heather will actually eat. Although that second requirement is totally unpredictable...the other night her dinner was strawberries and a few bites of bread after ten minutes of not wanting anything. Ah, toddlerdom!


April said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one addicted to The Big Bang Theory and CSI. Battlestar Galactica is also an acceptible background noise at times.

Michelle said...

Well, Amelia still wolfs down stuffed shells so I'm going with that for her family birthday dinner. It easily makes a lot, and can be done ahead of time. I'll probably make some meatballs and salad, too, again, ahead of time:) Just throwing out the idea!

Anna said...

Hey, when is OUR birthday playdate this year?