Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Need more sweaters!

Now that I've knit two sweaters that I really like, that fit well and look good on me - I need more! Seriously. I could wear these two suckers into the ground if I'm not careful. The wrap sweater is beginning to pill a little bit in places and I keep putting on the wool-hemp cardigan even though I don't want to stretch it out (I wore it unbuttoned over my belly this weekend to prevent that problem.)

The torso of Amelia is finished and as soon as my dpns arrive (they have shipped) I'll start trucking on the sleeves.

If I didn't have baby gifts that need to be knit for February and March, I would be casting on another sweater for me to knit in the meantime.

The problems with my previous hand-knit sweaters (1 donated to charity, 1 stretched out and 2 waiting to be ripped back) and all that I learned from those experiences are totally worth it for the success I'm having now!


On another knitting topic, my fuzzy feet (felted slippers) have developed holes around the toes. I love them and they do a great job, but if I continue wearing them like this, the holes are just going to get bigger. Any suggestions on fixing them, or should I just suck it up and knit myself a new pair?


Anna said...

You could patch the slippers.

And yeah, I hear you on the sweater thing. I'm waiting for my DIC cloud jungle to get here for my Amelia, and I cast on for Ingenue (FROM STASH YARN) the other night.

Amanda said...

Thermal gave me that "must have more sweaters" bug. Thankfully I think Tree Jacket will help... and I have yarn for a chunky knit cardigan which will be instant gratification. Silly spring babies getting in the way of selfish knitting.