Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a list

1 - I'm more than halfway up the first Amelia sleeve. It's mostly been bus knitting, and now that I'm past the increases it shouldn't take long to mindlessly knit to the underarm. There is still quite a bit to do, but I think it is going well considering I'm knitting it on size 2 needles.

2 - For a change of pace, I did a gauge swatch for a worsted weight sweater last night. Without doubling yarn, I don't have a lot of options in my stash for a worsted sweater. Most of my sweater quantities are in DK weight. I don't know what this yarn is going to become yet. I'm thinking cables, but I'll wait until I have my gauge measured and then pop the results into my ravelry queue and see if anything comes up.

3 - I'm still 90% sure that Heather is getting her 2 year molars. Most of the time she's fine, but when she gets upset it doesn't take long for her to really lose it. And sometimes she just seems to be clingy for no reason. Some nights she's been requesting rocking before bed and there are still 2-3 nights a week that she wakes up early and spend the last few hours of the night in our bed. Nothing awful, but she's just not always a happy camper.

4 - Heather's eating is all over the place, too. She's finally decided that she likes oranges and orange juice (we offered oranges for the first time at 11 months...) Some meals she eats an incredible amount and other meals she acts like she could skip. I know this is all normal for toddlers, but it is at a greater extreme than it was a month or two ago, so I think some of it is teething related. There is definitely favoritism for scrambled eggs, fruit, noodles and other soft foods. Though the girl still loves her bagel with cream cheese, too!

5 - Overall I'm feeling pretty good. There are physical twinges here and there, which I think is starting sooner than last time. But I'm taking any back twinges very seriously (stretching, motrin, etc) and taking it easy at the first sign of getting short of breath. Dressing is in that painful stage, where I don't need to wear all of my maternity clothes and some of it is still big, but I also can't wear all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and some of it is too small. The mornings that I get a workable outfit on the first try are rare, but I know it will get easier when I have a more obvious belly to hold up the maternity shirts.

6 - Annual reviews at work this week. I'm finding that reviewing my supervisors is making me more "nervous" than my own review this year. It just feels a little strange and I'm still trying to figure out how to express my thoughts about how our working relationship could be improved. I'm not quite as worried about my own. I'm pretty sure that they still like me. I don't think 2008 was my best year, but I also think it went pretty well considering that managing my personal life was more challenging than I thought it would be. We shall see if they agree.

7 - Speaking of work, I'm trying to wrap up loose ends on things I've been working on for a while. I'm trying not to be tired of them. :-) And I'm anticipating a big project revision from mid-February until my maternity leave that should be interesting and make the spring go quickly. Hopefully we can get the drawings out to bid a few weeks before baby M makes his arrival!

8 - I'm kind of ready for the Christmas decorations to be put away, but I really don't feel like doing the work involved to put them away. :-P

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Blogless Erin said...

I'm really impressed with your knitting progress. I have so little knitting to show for the past several months - and just when I have some little people to knit for, too!