Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just too busy

I'm sorry, dear readers, for not being more attentive to you lately. I'm not going to give you a long song and dance about my lack of posts recently. Let me just say this - from 6pm Thursday until 7am Monday this past weekend, I did not touch my knitting once. Does that help you understand my world right now?

Life consists of trying to do a decent job at work, trying to maintain a sanitary home, feeding my family, and creating a happy holiday (especially for Heather since she's old enough to "get it").

So I've gone above and beyond my usual holiday preparations in that Heather and I have baked some cookies this year. But in other ways I am just barely getting by (there is clean laundry, but most of it is sitting in baskets getting more wrinkly by the day).

Other than the sleep department, things actually haven't been bad, just busy and tiring. There was a moment last night when I was making dinner, entertaining Heather by making cookie dough and trying to tend to Todd in the high chair that my life felt just a tad ridiculous...but that is really just because R was running a quick errand and his return made things feel semi-normal again. I have high praise for single parents, especially as this extra-busy time of year.

I'm hopeful for a little knitting/picture/blog/ravelry/me time during the holiday break. But that will be determined by how Heather responds to getting a big girl bed for Christmas and if Todd agrees to nap in his crib anytime soon.

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