Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swatch inspiration

I'm made this swatch yesterday with only the intent of setting a good example for my students. I knit it in the round, wider than 4" and using the stitch patterns I plan to use in the sweater. I was just getting it done so I could do the math to start the sweater. I just wanted to make headway on something on my to do list...

But, I LOVE the swatch. I played with the cables a few different ways and got ideas for both an adult and a kids version using some of these elements. And now I'm excited to cast on and play with the possibilities!

Next, to wash the swatch and see if the results of blocking change my design plans at all.

For the curious, the yarn is Cascade 220 in color "Heather".

Yes, really. That is what it is called. :-)

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