Monday, November 13, 2006

Great weekend, traveling soon

Accomplishments for the weekend:

- Straightened up the house
- Cleaned the second floor and some of the first
- Finished baby registry and looked at items in person that had been added based on recommendations
- Made yummy Wassail
- Hosted knitting get together and had much fun
- Held the adorable and well-behaved child my friend just adopted from Guatemala
- Wove in ends and blocked 3 Christmas presents
- Wove in ends of first (of four) log cabin squares for our daughter
- Fixed mistake in secret Christmas present made during Friday's bus ride
- Noted that ribbed maternity sweater is definitely too long and developed strategy to fix it that involves cutting knitting
- Began implementing said strategy (without the aid of alcohol or caffeine, though there was plenty of chocolate on hand). I'm fairly sure that the results will provide a good looking piece of knitting and I'm 99% sure (I haven't tried it on yet) that the new length will not make my behind look enormous (like the previous length)

Tomorrow evening I'm headed to Denver for a conference for work. I'm very excited for the trip, the knitting I can do in transit, the contents of the conference and a chance to see a new city. (Incidentally, one that I briefly considered moving to after college graduation, but realized after little nervous breakdown that I don't have the constitution to move that far from my family, alone, to a place where I didn't know anyone. Going to Spain for 6 months was hard, but moving permanently was apparently too much.)


I haven't decided yet if I'm taking my laptop or not. I'm leaning toward not taking it. Along with my knitting, I need to study for an exam that I'm taking next Tuesday. (The topic of the exam is related to the topic of the conference, so I'm hoping it will all mesh well) I think that not taking my laptop will prevent me from wasting time that I could spend studying in my hotel that I don't have to spend most of the coming weekend studying. So don't be surprised if things around here are quiet for as much as a week.

I think that hits all of the highlights. Maybe someday there will be pictures here again. :-)

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