Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wooster, rain and knitting

I had such a nice streak last week. I've thought of things to say during the past two days, but not while I've been sitting at a computer.

We had a nice (though full) weekend. Saturday was the rededication of a building I worked on at The College of Wooster. Photos here - Everyone we talked to had positive things to say about the building and during the evening event our work as architects was recognized by a number of the speakers. It was great to get to share the building, and all the work we did, with R and my parents. And we had a nice brunch on Sunday before heading back to our respective homes.

I should have accomplished more during Sunday afternoon and evening, but Stewart had other ideas. R had to convince him to leave my lap after two hours so that I could make dinner. He was very cute and warm, but his use of my left arm as a pillow prevented me from knitting while he was there.

Monday evening I met with a online friend to buy some of her old maternity clothes. It's not all stuff that I would have picked out, but it all fits and most of it is work-appropriate and it was cheap. :-) I had hoped that more of my non-maternity tops would continue to work, but many of them are just too short, and some will soon be too tight as well.

I did reorganize my closets last night. Instead of having my work/dress clothes in the main closet and my casual clothes in my office closet, I put the clothes that don't fit in my office and everything else in the main closet. I didn't try it all on, so there could be some thing that will have to be moved to the office. But I'm hoping that the change will reduce my frustration when trying to get dressed...

Thanks to all of the time spent in the car and bus recently, plus two hours during trick or treat last night, the front and back of the Christmas vest is done. Today in the car to and from Greensburg I wove in the ends and attached the first shoulder. The vest is taking a lot of room in my bag, so I might need to start another Christmas project this evening and leave the vest finishing for knitting time at home.

Unfortunately, we still have a lot of candy left from Trick or Treat last night. We bought the usual amount (which usually leaves us with none), but we had about half as many trick or treaters as usual thanks to the constant rain. I think we only got kids from a two or three block radius, and most of them came in the first hour. The second hour only saw a trickle of kids. Oh well. We just have to figure out what to do with all of this leftover candy. Thank goodness I'm not in "losing weight" mode. :-)

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