Friday, November 03, 2006


I experienced my first hot flash today. Aptly named, but a very strange feeling. Thankfully, the removal of my 100% wool shawl (Clapotis) seemed to help it pass quickly. Layers are good.

I'm still not thrilled about how full the weekend is, but I'm trying to remind myself of all of the christmas knitting and I can get done in the car tomorrow. And making a list of my limited capabilities at strike tomorrow made me feel a little better, too. (Maybe it shouldn't, but it did.)

Sunday afternoon (before strike), I'm going with a friend to see "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee". This isn't an album that I know by heart, but one that I have and which I'm anxious to see how the story fits in with the songs I know. I'm also interested to see how the audience participation works. I keep thinking about whether or not I would want to be on stage if I was asked, and I still don't know the answer. My spelling skills are not spectacular, but I'd like to think they're above average. ;-) (I'm probably fooling myself there.)

Oh, and what am I going to wear on Sunday? Hmmmm...

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