Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 months, 2/3rds and Easter

I wasn't going to post until I had taken pictures of recent finished knitting to post, but that's one thing I never got to this weekend. So maybe that will make my next post...

Heather turned 2 months old yesterday. Since I've never really know a 8 week old baby before, it is hard to know if anything we see is part of Heather's personality or just typical baby stuff. The good news is that she finally seems to be accepting of her need for sleep. For nearly a week, she's slept 6-7 hours in a row overnight and for the past few days she's taken a significant nap in the afternoon, with catnaps between other feedings. She's also become much more alert - looking and toys and faces - and she seems to enjoy when R and I talk to her. I even read her a book the other night, although her interest seemed to be in my voice and not in the pages of the book. We're also beginning to hear sounds other than just crying. Some happy noises and some sounds of frustration that are not really cries.

Sadly, I'm 2/3rds of the way through my maternity leave. I'm not dreading going back to work, but I am going to miss the time that I've had with Heather. And now that she's napping, I'm going to miss the time to get things done around here. Also, R and I are going to have to fight over her in the evenings after work...at the moment, R gets her as much as he wants in the evening since I've had her all day. :-)

We had a nice visit with my parents over the weekend. Having the help enabled me to get some very overdue cleaning done, do some knitting, and get caught up on the processing of Heather's gifts. (That in itself is practically a full time job!) I have more thank you notes to write again, but I hope to bang those out in the next couple of days.

We had a very nice time on Heather's first Easter with R's family and my parents. R's aunt hosted Easter dinner and there was a pretty good turnout. It was nice for Heather to meet more of her family and I always enjoy the opportunity to get out of the house. (I'm trying not to be bitter about the cold weather that has kept us indoors for the past week!)

This afternoon is Heather's next pediatrician appointment and her first round of shots. Not looking forward to the shots, but I'm guessing that they will be more traumatic for me than for her. :-)

The photo shows the last time she'll wear this particular newborn sized outfit. The first time she wore it I had to hike up the pants like an old man.

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Stephanie said...

She is adorable! Enjoy your last 1/3 of your leave!