Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I think Heather's hair is coming in. A week or two ago, the top of her scalp was totally bald, and now the same area looks like she got a buzz cut. The hair on the back and sides is about the same as it was at maybe that stuff is permanent and is going to start growing when the rest catches up? It will be interesting to see.

Last night I went with Amanda to see "Sweet Charity" starring Molly Ringwald. Overall it was a fine show. The plot was thin, but the Neil Simon comedy was funny. Oscar's clausterphobia bit in the elevator made me laugh so hard that I cried. Kudos to Guy Adkins for his fine work. The dancing was also very cool. Much of the choreography was very 60's, but there were also pugilist and marching band styles as well. My biggest gripe with the show was the costumes. Every character wore the same costume for the entire show, despite the passage of time. As if the audience is too dumb to keep track of the characters unless they wear the same thing the whole time. For those who are curious, Molly was fine. She did what she needed to do but she didn't blow me away.

Just one show left on the subscription. AlterBoyz in May.

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