Thursday, April 26, 2007

A day at the zoo

Heather and I met Annie, Marcus, Cara and Max at the zoo today. (The hilarious part of going is that it takes longer to get us in and out of the car than it takes to drive over there...)

We had a lovely time, although Heather did nap quite a bit. She was asleep by the time we got to the lions...
She was not interested in seeing them from another side, either.
She was not impressed by the elephants.
She woke up a little bit in the monkey house (might have been the smell), but the nap she had just finished didn't keep her from yawning at them.
After lunch, she fell asleep again in the aquarium. Hopefully this turtle didn't feel snubbed.

(Note: I attempted a similar shot by the penguins, but there were too many enthusiastic children running around for me to get a good picture safely)

Halfway through the aquarium, Heather wasn't the only one asleep. All three strollers contained sleeping children. :-)
The outside air seemed to revive Heather a little. The polar bears were very cute and pretty active. But there is that yawn again... (you'd think we never let her sleep!)
Next was the white-tailed deer habitat. She must like them since she's awake and not yawning...

By the end of the day it was so warm that we were able to remove all sweaters, hats and blankets! Lovely sun!


Anna said...

That's hilarious and adorable. I should show you my pictures of Henry sleeping through the Grand Tetons - every fantastic, beautiful place we are, there he is, asleep!

cara said...

i love the running theme... sleeping lol

we had a good time!

jen said...

Haha...I hope her playmates weren't offended by her sleeping through the date.

Heather is really filling out now - I bet it won't be long before you have a chubby baby on your hands!

Amanda said...

That is so cute Amy! Made my morning!

Annie and Greg said...

Thanks for the lovely blog! We had a great time as well. Greg suggested that you photoshop pictures of Heather sleeping through historical events - Heather sleeps through the Kennedy assasination, Heather sleeps through the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Katie said...

You had me almost in tears Amy. That is hilarious! Thanks for keeping up your blog. I really enjoy reading through it every week or so. - Katie Labosier