Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another little update

The hard thing about going back to work is not doing the work or taking care of Heather. I'm still good at both of those things. The hard part is trying to get *anything* else done.

I knit on the bus. I read or watch TV while Heather eats. I eat while she sleeps or hangs out on the playmat. And during the week I generally have about an hour to get things done from when Heather goes to sleep until I do...and really it should be less than that because I'd love to go to bed before 11:15! I'm relieved that there is very little TV to watch anymore and that I've finished Order of the Phoenix, but there are still some things to get accomplished that I haven't found time for (thank you notes, hand washing sweaters, working on my messy room, finishing the painting in Heather's room, etc)

We've managed to stay caught up on laundry, but that is mostly because I only have 6 nursing doing laundry each week is essential. And we've been caught up on dishes lately, but that is because my mom is staying with us and the trend is likely to end when she leaves.

I've complete 1 1/2 more hats since my last post. They need to be mailed early next week, so I want to spend whatever free time I have this weekend trying to get more done. I'm not going to make my goal of 15 items, but I might be able to make it to 10.

I'm rambling out a post as a means of emptying my head before starting a new task. 234 drawings went to the printer today and contractors pick them up tomorrow to start the bidding process. It's both a relief (this job was supposed to go out to bid while I was on maternity leave - the delay was not our fault) and the beginning of a whole new set of challenges. How will the bids compare to the budget? How many phases will they build now? What questions will the contractors ask? When will they actually start construction?

And for those who were wondering about my leg - it still hurts. My appointment has been postponed to next week. The stretches feel better and my leg feels better in the morning. But I still need the Motrin, especially at work with all of the sitting.

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