Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Glad I have a stash

Knitters, this post is not about what you think. ;-)

I'm not really convinced that I going to get as much milk today as I did the past three days of work. Usually the first pump of the day is nearly two servings and my later pumping bring in less. Today's results are less impressive. I'm not convinced I'm going to get three total servings. I've been trying to drink a lot of water, but I didn't have oatmeal this morning for breakfast. Maybe I should have some as an afternoon snack...

I'm not panicking yet. I have a good freezer stash, I can pump extra during the weekend, and it could just be a short-lived slump. But if I continue to have to spend 15 minutes pumping to get less than a serving, this is going to get old fast!

Vent over.


Nadine said...

Pumping can be so stressful sometimes, I swear! There are always ebbs and flows in supply, so most likely that's all it is. At some point, too, most women have an adjustment in terms of supply...I always had an oversupply until about 3-4 months, when I adjusted to what the monkey was actually drinking. If you get really worried about supply you could always try fenugreek or the (VERY nasty) mother's milk tea, or even domperidone. But stick with water, oatmeal, and lots of protein, and chances are you'll bounce back!!

cara said...

ditto what nadine said. my supply adjusted around 3-4 months as well. if you are interested i have a lot of left over fenugreek and the tea as well, which i didn't really find to be nasty like most others do... just let me know if you would like it, i can drop it in the mail.

Anna said...

As both a nursing mother, and a knitter, my ears perk up when I hear "stash." ;)

I had good success with fenugreek - you know it's working when you smell like pancakes!