Monday, May 14, 2007

You know you're a geek when...

...a new mouse makes your day. :-)

As long as I've been with my current employer (almost 8 years), I've used the same mouse. Each time I get a computer or keyboard upgrade I keep my original mouse because it has a thumb button. And I use the thumb button when I draw on the computer in Microstation. The thumb button is crucial to my drafting speed. I don't even know how the mouse with the thumb button entered the office because no one else has one. But that was what was attached to my computer when I learned and I can't go back.

Well, my 8+ year old mouse hasn't been clicking well for a while. During my maternity leave, someone else used my desk and requested a new mouse because the one I had was substandard. When I returned, I reconnected my old mouse to the surprise of our office manager. I explained to him that despite the poor clicking capability, I needed my thumb button, and I'd rather have a bad click than no thumb button.

This morning I found a newer mouse with a thumb button on my desk. :-)

It was a little dirty and an old model. But I was able to download the driver I needed and now I have a mouse with a thumb button that can keep up with me again!

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LisaBe said...

i'm a geek like that, too. at every job i've ever had, i've replaced my employer's standard-issue mouse with my own, regardless of cost (keeping the receipt and packaging, of course, so nobody looks at me funny when i walk out with it on my last day), because I'm That Picky. it kind of weirds out the IT folks when they come to work on my computer, but whatev. i'm the one working on it all the time. anyway, somebody loves you, to have gone and found you a newer mouse just like you like! go amy!